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Welcome, Siri Edit Andersson!

We proudly present our new Copenhagen-based editor, and of course, we have to ask about her new go-to places in the city and which new Danish menswear brands we need to discover.


Siri, tell us about yourself.

– 23 years old. Born in Stockholm, raised in Copenhagen, where I’m still based. I took my first steps in the fashion field when I was 16. Mom is an architect, dad a graphic designer, stepdad an actor and younger brother is a musician. I’ve been surrounded by creative minds since birth. Their passion, ambitions, and aspirations has inspired by me to fight for my dreams and never be afraid of taking chances. There’s no way to success without failure and nothing comes to you without hard work, my mom used to tell me. The act of doing. I never want to stop being curious.

– Since then I’ve worked at various magazines in Copenhagen – among others Cover, Euroman, Eurowoman, FAT, and DANSK magazine. Besides from my time at the different magazine’s, I’ve worked as project manager at the creative agency LOW Studios, and latest as freelance stylist/consultant.

– I love feeling alive and unstoppable. – I love to create and make people laugh. – I love being inspired and in love.

What are your feelings about Scandinavian MAN, and why are you joining us?

– I’ve kept an eye on you since you were born and came out. I’ve admired your universe, aesthetics, and achievements continuously. With my love for men’s fashion, I felt drawn to discover more as I can identify myself with the magazine, and believe in your core values.

– I feel that Scandinavian MAN shows us the humanity in fashion and brings us under its surface with strong reflections, varying perspectives and a humble state of mind. With great passion and embrace it has created a space for Scandinavian fashion and design to shine, grow and express. It goes under the skin and tells us the stories from inside. I also feel like Scandinavian MAN wish to clarify our worries and future needs in fashion along with their own core values; Style, Innovation and Equality. Though the name, Scandinavian MAN isn’t limited by gender. Designer Filippa K on the present cover and Danish model Lykke May in an editorial inside are examples. There’s no limit between masculinity and femininity in Scandinavian MAN. The gender doesn’t play an important role – just as it should be.

– I must express how grateful I am and super excited I feel about this. I’m now giving the opportunity to work with fashion across my two home countries, which I’ve longed to do for quite some time. I can’t wait to create, develop and grow together with Scandinavian MAN. I can’t wait to kick some Scandinavian ass!

What’s your best lead when going to Copenhagen?

– It depends on if you come in summer or winter, I think. At the moment I would probably start with recommending a fall stroll around Refshaleøen, which is blooming with new life and culture after this summer. It’s just beautiful and raw. Start with breakfast at Lille Bakery and end with dinner in the coziest atmosphere at Den Vandrette. Their food and nature wine is amazing.

– Visit the Jewish cemetery and check out the new magazine and books concept store OFR in Nørrebro. Then there’s Holly Golightly’s new store, which is one of my favorites. It’s like a fairytale built with colors and patterns of love. For the Scandinavian francophile interior lovers, you need to visit Beau Marchè. They also have a cute cafè with great wine. For a nice dinner, one of my favorite bars, that I’ve faithfully been guesting since I was a teenage punk, is Kind of Blue.

– You feel like going back in time and that Bowie could sit next to you any second. The owner is such a charismatic warm-hearted man who knows how to make you feel at home and serve the best Gin&Tonic. For a more fancy, but not stiff, dinner you should try Restaurant Barr.

Which Danish menswear brands should we keep an extra eye on?

Tonsure, cause they are still one of our coolest menswear brands, and designer Malte Flagstad is incredible. Martin Asbjørn, cause I feel like he’s mixing decades in an interesting way. Heliot Emil, cause they’re progressive and technical. Carcel, cause it’s made out of 100% natural materials by women in prison. (Di)Vision, cause they are two young guys with cool style and high ambitions.