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The most modern man in the world

Style, innovation, and equality. Scandinavian MAN founder and editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson explains the ethos behind the brand.

Words Konrad Olsson

As you will notice during the months to come, Scandinavian MAN is a platform that will take many forms. Sometimes we are an editorial website, set out to cover the best of the Nordic menswear scene. Other times we are a global launch event, with fashion shows and photo exhibitions in cities like New York, Tokyo, and London. In a couple of months, we will become a biannual fashion and lifestyle magazine, distributed on newsstands around the world. And next year, we will become the first ever Scandinavian Men’s Fashion Week.

But before we get into all of that, we are first and foremost here to launch the Scandinavian man to the world – the world’s most modern man!

We agree, it is a bold statement, but we have good reason. The Scandinavian man is a paragon of style and design sensibility. A man who throughout the last century has made significant marks on the world’s of design, architecture and fashion. From Danish design legend Arne Jacobsen, to the Norwegian architecture heroes Snøhetta, and the Swedish fashion star Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios – the Scandinavians have pushed more boundaries and put more beauty on the planet than most.

Right now, the Scandinavian man is perhaps most known for his technological achievements, making the foundation of our digital infrastructure with world wide phenomena like Skype, Spotify, ­Minecraft and Angry Birds.

The Scandinavian man is widely known for enhancing our culture with food, music and entertainment. From the innovative cuisine of Rene Redzepi and the hit making wonder talent of Max Martin, to the never ending line-up of Hollywood actors who influence some of our most popular movies and TV shows. In the global business community, the Scandinavian man has a longstanding reputation of being compliant and trustworthy.

But all these achievements pale in the face of the Scandinavian man’s most remarkable trait: being the world’s most equal man. No other man spends more time with his children, in the form of parental leave. No other man has a more natural attitude towards letting women be their equals in workplaces, board rooms and pay check envelopes.

And while there is still much do be done, it is no bold statement to say, that if people everywhere would be more influenced by the Scandinavian man, the world would be a better place.

This is what Scandinavian Man is about. We are a global launch platform and a magazine that prides ourselves of being on the forefront of style, innovation and equality. Welcome to the journey.