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The legacy of Our Legacy


What started out as a bunch of printed t-shirts back in 2005 is now a progressive menswear concept sold in premium stores worldwide as well as in their own stores in Stockholm and London. Founders Jockum Hallin, Christopher Nying and Richardos Klarén summarise the journey in new book “Self Titled”.

— The book is a ten-year anniversary gift from us, to the brand itself, Hallin says. We started the book project in 2015 and it has taken us two years to complete. We have always put a lot of effort into making hard-cover lookbooks with photographers we admire. This project gave us an opportunity to revisit our favourite collaborators, but also a chance to try new photographers, artists and writers. All 226 pages in the book are new material.

What are your personal highlights in it?

— We have always claimed to make timeless pieces, both style and quality-wise. We used pieces from all current and previous collections for the different shoots, and we’d like to think they have stood the test of time pretty well.

Do you have any fun facts creating it?

— The book’s name ”Self Titled” was actually the name of the fashion showroom and distribution company we ran to finance the start of Our Legacy in 2004-2005. Self Titled is still the name of our mother company to this day.