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Set design: Niklas Hansen Photography: Anton Olin & Anders Kylberg

What do you want to achieve? Is there a clear path towards what you have in mind? Are there obvious obstacles that lie ahead, big or small? Is someone saying it can’t be done? If so, we support you in your efforts. We are inspired by the ones who dare to pursue a path beyond the status quo. Because we know you’ll do so in ways we haven’t even imagined yet. That’s what you always do: You give our innovations new meaning.

We challenge what can’t be done by creating human driven technologies and innovations. What we create today empowers you to create the future. As the future unfolds, we support you. Do what you can’t.

Above Kevin Mukaki and Angelo Silviera, photographed at their studio in Bredäng,south of Stockholm.

Vintage corduroy jacket Coco by Diemonde.

Stockholm, Sweden

Angelo Silviera did not have any experience in the fashion industry when he and his cousins started printing t-shirts, which they sold at music festivals and cafés. He had just graduated from high school with ambitions to one day start his own business.

— I moved to Sweden from Togo with my family in 1997. Clothes and design became a way for me to build bridges early on. This transformed into a growing interest for fashion and products, highly inspired by Pharrell, in high school, says Angelo.

Kevin Mukuri moved to Sweden from Cameroon in 2005. His mother worked as a tailor and with encouragement from his arts teacher, he applied to the Fashion & Design programme at Luleå Gymnasium, where he grew up.

— I eventually ended up designing, creating and selling clothes to my friends, says Kevein, who later came to study pattern making and design at Tillskärarakademin in Stockholm.

The two friends met in 2015 and the brand Diemonde was born out of their DIY ideals. Angelo is the CEO, Kevin head of design.

What values did you want your brand do stand for when you started it?

Kevin — We want to create a common ground, designed to inspire the youth to be brave, disruptive, and powerful. The kind of common ground we were ourselves missing from the scene while chasing our own dreams.

Angelo — We felt there were definitely more like us out there: creatives, artists, painters and designers missing a platform. Just like us they have a lot to bring to Swedish culture. So we decided early on to create this platform ourselves. The purpose has always been to motivate and inspire a new generation to continue to create.

What is the greatest obstacle you’ve had to overcome to create your brand?

Angelo — To believe in oneself and to work hard, day by day, week by week, for a dream without no one acknowledging or believing. That’s the absolute biggest obstacle we’ve both overcome to get here as individuals.

You work out of an old energy plant building in Bredäng south of Stockholm. Why is that a good place to run your brand from?

Angelo — We want to be a symbol for the growing potential outside the city of Stockholm, and inspire the youth in Bredäng. We believe it’s important to show others that there are alternative routes and it doesn’t have to always come down to doing your thing the traditional way.

Tell us about the collection!

Kevin — With all garments we create, we strive for the perfect balance between sartorial and streetwear, by combining street culture with timeless and minimalistic design.The collection consists of ten staple pieces; among them are t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in different colors, our signature trousers in an updated style, a short-sleeve shirt and shorts set, and a short-sleeve Hawaiian-styled shirt in two colours, all made in Portugal.

Angelo — The inspiration to everything we create is rooted in the contrast between different worlds, cultures and elements. We strive to create a common ground for these different worlds to meet and create new expressions. That’s the root to Diemonde as a concept.

What are your plans for the future?

Angelo — To take the brand abroad and become a window to the global fashion scene that provides tomorrow’s expressions from a diverse Sweden. We are also working to develop our value chain to be more sustainable by moving the production to Sweden.