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Scandinavian MAN x The Lobby: Asket

August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky started ASKET in 2015 to free wardrobe essentials – the garments we need and love the most – from fashion and bring them back to basics. One garment at a time, they’re creating meaningful essentials based on honest production, transparent pricing, and revolutionary sizing.


August, which are your three favourite pieces from your current collection?

– I have to say The T-Shirt, it’s our very first piece and a garment every man must have. Last year The Guardian called it “the best t-shirt in the world”. Then we just recently launched The Denim Shirt, a true classic in our typical minimal ASKET take. It drapes beautifully and only gets better with wear. Lastly, I’d gotta say our boxers – investing in quality underwear is often expensive. As our ambition is to help people buy less but better clothing, we’re super proud of the quality, comfort and price point of The Boxer Brief.

What are your feelings about The Lobby?

– The Lobby is a great opportunity for progressive brands to benefit from each other’s reputation and for customers to find a whole bunch of interesting concepts you might not have heard about all under the same roof. For us as a small online-only brand, it’s a perfect opportunity to let our fans and supporters touch and feel our garments before they order online.

This is a pop-up opportunity, what do you think about the future of retail for your brand?

– As an online-only brand, we’ve always had a critical perspective on retail – especially the way it’s worked for the past 10-20 years, parallel to the explosion of e-commerce. Being online only is a cornerstone in providing premium essentials way below their traditional retail price. That being said, we do believe in the importance of physical presence to meet our wonderful fans and provide them with an opportunity to try on and touch our clothing before buying. You’ll probably see more of us on the ground in the future.

What else is coming up for you in 2018?

– 2018 is the year of the trouser for us. After over 30 months of development, a limited pre-release and then a pre-order period, we’re launching The Chino this April. It’s a modern take on the premium Italian chino, milled in Italy and tailored in Portugal. And we just announced our ambition to introduce a Raw Denim later this year – it’s currently being worn and tested by 20 lucky customers in Stockholm.

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