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Midnight madness when Jackie hits town

Fresh from Copenhagen: The Jackie Midnight & The Psycho Street.

Words: Stefanie Ravelli Photography: Lasse Dearman

Communiouns, Mini Esco and now Jackie Midnight & the Psycho Street. Jacob Bocaj and his gang consist of seven famous faces from the Copenhagen music scene, from acts like First Hate, Gullo Gullo, Slægt and Værket. Mini Esco was Jacob’s first solo project and he made his first solo album that was later released on Posh Isolation, a music project founded 2009 by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek. Jackie Midnight, however, is something completely different to Mini Esco. It’s an alter ego he devised because he wanted to creat music inspired by Spaghetti Westerns. A mix of dreamy vocal harmonies, country music and punk energy, there is indeed a Midnight madness to it. Their first song "Texas Rock" was recently released along with a music video in a urban cowboy kind of vibe. — I like the idea of the country cowboy. I’m not from the West and I don’t like what they did to the native Americans, but I like the idea of the country cowboy, maybe it’s an alter ego but this character wants to escape the boring life. I just want to explore and live in a fantasy world that you can do whatever you want, says Jacob Bocaj.

What are your plans for Jackie Midnight & the Psycho Street

— I have a lot of projects. I’m in no rush. We want to make a manifestation of the idea of Jackie Midnight — we’re going XL. No, just kidding, we just want to play music and have fun.

In what way is this project different when compared to Mini Esco?

— It’s important for me to do it because I get restless easily and I’m afraid of losing time, I want to get the most out of life. It’s important to produce something.

"Texas Rock" is your first single. It’s very much in a cowboy-mood.

— The weird thing is that I don’t sing “Texas Rock” at all. The song is recorded with Adam Ccsquele who’s on guitar. He named it "Texas Rock". I really like the idea that it is not mentioned in the song. I am romanticising escapism, living on the edge, but also the downside of drifting away in a fantasy world and how this makes you lose touch with reality.

And your vest is very Texas.

— Yes, Jackie’s whole universe kind of romanticise the Texas style, but I’ve never been there. I guess this is my way of rocking. The idea of "Rockin' in the Free World". It’s a Neil Young quote, but I really like that quote. It’s a key sentence for this project.

What’s this first single about?

— I just came out of a long relationship. Life seemed boring but it got exciting as I started to write some of these lyrics. It’s a reminder to be happy. In this period of time I realised — ain’t nobody telling me what to do.

How would you describe this generation and the music scene in one word?

— Connected!

Photography Lasse Dearman Styling Robin Douglas Westling Hair & Make up Hannah Ortner Fashion Assistant Etchell Dorkenoo