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It’s all about The Cords!

The new lifestyle brand from the Happy Socks founders is aiming to create the Levi’s for corduroy.

Interview Johan Magnusson

Fashion entrepreneurs Micke Söderlindh and Viktor Tell brought the bright and happy socks to the world. Today marks the global launch of their new brand, The Cords & Co. Two stores are opening at Stureplan and Södermalm in Stockholm, as well as online at The first drop is also carried from today by key retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Fred Segal, American Rag, ISETAN, United Arrows, Anthropology, Galaries Lafayette, and Sneakers’n’Stuff.

Why do you launch this concept, with a full range of clothing entirely made of corduroy?

– Me and Viktor are passionate about exploring anything we personally like, breaking new grounds with what we do, challenging each other and have fun every day, Micke Söderlindh says. Since very young I have always had a special passion for corduroy, just liking the material and the comfort of it. Whenever I have found a great pair I always use it until it breaks. Suddenly somewhat being in the industry, I found myself contemplating over creating something unique that no one else has ever done: the world’s first and only corduroy brand, and make the best premium corduroy products there is.

Apart from that, what’s so special about The Cords & Co?

– Well, being a corduroy alternative to denim is pretty unique. We are also not just another fashion brand. The team has various backgrounds and we are super passionate about this. We want people to discover their love for this forgotten fabric and we are building something long lasting and a culture completely dedicated to it.

And honestly, don’t you think it can be a bit one sided working with only one fabric?

– In all honesty, we would not have created this fuss if we thought so (hehe). Would anyone tell a denim brand that they are one sided working with only denim? We want people to understand how versatile corduroy is and how much you can do with it if you explore it properly. We have learned and discovered so many things over the past year that we did not know before and we are so excited to share this with everyone.

The first collection for AW17 is designed by creative director Linnea Bach Gärde, former head of design at J.Lindeberg.

What’s your personal relation to corduroy?

– I got a mustard coloured cord skirt when I started school. I remember I loved it and wore it day in and day out for the entire first semester. Even when the cold Swedish October came, I fought hard to get my mother’s permission to wear the skirt with bare legs. Most people have a relationship with corduroy or a memory they treasure. That is one big reason why it is so fantastic.

Which are your favourite pieces in the men’s collection?

– An amazing outfit would be the classic hoodie flipped into corduroy and the iconic fishtail parka matched with a pair of camo printed 5 pocket corduroy pants. A complete look in corduroy is my absolute favourite for fall. It gives you an impactful look, that feels exciting.