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Efva Attling — Back to her roots

Acclaimed jewellery entrepreneur Efva Attling returns to the suburb in her heart for her new creative hub, which includes a special line with a leading Swedish rock star.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The ex-model and ex-popstar returned to her creative roots after 27 years. Over time, her eponymous label has become one of the leading jewellery brands in Scandinavia and purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.

— I’m proud of the company I’ve built from the heart with great people around me. It’s solid and I love my work, she says. This fall, she’s launched the physical and digital retail space the HÖGDALEN, paying homage to her childhood.

— I’m from Högdalen, a suburb of Stockholm. I wanted the freedom to play outside the box so I’ve started a creative hub, which runs from the hoods to the world, online and offline.

The hub also includes creative collaborations with guest designers. And the first one is something special.

— 10 years ago I asked Jocke Berg, who used to be the singer and songwriter in the biggest rock band in Sweden ever, Kent, if he wanted to design some jewellery. He gave me a vague answer. Last year I asked again and he said yes! says Attling, continuing,

— He’s had the creative freedom to design the collection. I only stood by his side for technical support. He’s always been very much into fashion and had the right touch also with jewellery, which I knew he would. The result feels amazing.

Tell us about the collection.

— One part is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Even though Lloyd’s big tiles were meant for house walls, the jewellery has been minimized to perfection. The Arc bracelet is a stunning piece. Jocke has a tattoo on his arm of the Hell key from the comic book The Sandman, which became a silver pendant included in the collection. The HMMRD cuff is silver forced by a special hammer by my goldsmith, Torbjörn, which he bangs in our atelier in Stockholm.

You’re one of quite a few jewellery brands with a really strong men’s range. Which products are your favourites?

— First of all, one of my bracelets. I named it Spine, which means to have a spine to be someone you can trust. Swedish race driver Marcus Eriksson wears it everyday. And my Human ring, which also was the most complicated ring technically for me to make.

How do you work with sustainability?

— We recycle our silver and gold; old pieces become new pieces.

The HÖGDALEN’s second drop with Jocke Berg is released November 21, along with a bunch of special projects throughout this fall and winter.

— I’ve designed my first furniture, the H collection, together with by Crea, who manufactures all their products in Skåne, Sweden. We’ll introduce random and unexpected objects and collaborations. It’s going to be artists, guest designers, jewellery, art, hats and more from famous and non-famous designers. High and low, says Attling.

The HÖGDALEN collection is availbe at Scandinavian MAN pop-up shop opening the 26 November.

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