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Bizarius and Filler are not your typical producers

Bizarre fellas making beats.

Words: Stefanie Ravelli Photography: Lasse Dearman

The producers Yunus Rosenzweig aka Bizarius and Felix Emmanuel aka Filler have created a studio in their Copenhagen apartment and decorated it with taxidermied animals and plants. Here the two friends create beats. Bizarus, who just released his debut album "Mirin", started out with well-known Danish rapper Adam Abbas Bock Lillebittebock, but is now working closely with the Scandinavian rap collective BNO (Boys Night Out).

Felix — Since we don’t have wi-fi yet we produce all day and all night, me on keys and Yunus on the computer.

Yunus — We just want to create really weird music and sing with a lot of autotune. Our music is inspired by rap and the Spanish artist Bad Gyal, who makes salsa pop with autotune.

What kind of music do you produce?

Y — It’s fluid. I could never categorise my music in any genre. I know that’s a very cliché thing to say. But I love making rap, and rap beats but at the same time I enjoy listening to classical music, Swedish jazz and weird 60s psychedelic music.

How do you know each other?

F — We’ve been friends since childhood and we’re both interested in mushrooms, not the psychedelic ones. We love reading and learning everything about them. All in all, we are interested in nature and all the weird stuff that grows, flies or swims.

What’s so special about mushrooms?

Y — They are just interesting organisms. Mushrooms can be small, big, poisonous and can sometimes make you vomit. They are dead and alive at the same time.

When I googled Bizarius I found out that it means the underside of the female breast. Did you know that?

Y — No, I’ve never tried to google it. For me Bizarius is a combination of me being young, playing video games and being a weird man. I have always seen me and Felix as these bizarre fellas, we don’t have that much in common with others. People like to go out clubbing and we like to be out in the woods.

What do you think of the Scandinavian Music scene?

Y — Scandinavia has a lot of potential. But I’m not a big fan of the Danish music scene. I mostly listen to Swedish and Norwegian artists. I really like Swoopy, from Sweden and Opal, a producer from Norway. And of course I do love Young Lean and Bladee. Without them the Scandinavian rap scene wouldn’t be the same.

Yunus, you recently released the album ”Mirin”. What is it about?

Y — The inspiration comes from the bodybuilder Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian aka Zyzz — he died of an overdose in 2011. He used to say: ”U Mirin Brah?”. I loved everything about him: his spikes, tank tops, bracelets and makeup.

What are your plans for the future?

F — We are currently experimenting and not really working towards anything. We have our space — an apartment which we have decorated with 20 taxidermied animals — birds and ferrets and small ecosystems of plants. It really shows our aesthetic. We get inspired by the place and the smells. It’s almost like we live in a forest with dead animals.