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Acne Studios and iconic Fjällräven reveals exclusive collaboration

For the first time ever, Fjällräven has allowed another brand to pay homage to its classic pieces, such as the Expedition Down jacket and the Kånken backpack. New details are added to a fresh edit of classic designs, and functionality is invited into the world of Acne Studios, like the technical trousers with zip-off legs to turn trousers into shorts, in the new collection dropping next week.


Acne Studios is a long time admirer of Fjällräven, whose functional designs are hallmarks of Swedish culture.

– I grew up with Fjällräven. If you are Swedish, you have a very special relationship with the brand. I’m very proud that it’s Swedish, and wanted to share our love for Fjällräven with the world, says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

How did the collaboration work?

– Fjällräven have never really collaborated before, and they are rightly very protective of their principles and designs. With them we selected the iconic pieces we wanted to work with, and then ”Acnefied” the design. We used the same block, and worked with their materials, but added our own details.

Can you give an example?

– The down jacket is one of their iconic pieces. Our version has a fake fur trim, it’s reversible, we’ve given it reflective patches, there’s a version that’s shorter. It’s like we’re looking at their original designs with a playful Acne Studios eye.

To create the collection, Jonny Johansson carefully selected each piece, dissected it, studied its construction, kept its significant features and brought Fjällräven into the world of Acne Studios. The new details mentioned includes oversized pockets and Fjällräven’s colours and technical materials have been used in playful ways.

– We were honoured when Acne Studios approached us, and curious too, because we’ve never done anything like this before. The result is a unique collection that embodies the timeless functionality of Fjällräven and the artistic approach of Acne Studios while creating something completely new, says Henrik Andersson, head of innovation and design at Fjällräven.

Why collaborate with Acne Studios?

– First of all, we have a high respect for Acne Studios. As much as we are different, we also have common grounds. We are both global brands with a strong Swedish history, we’re both a bit stubborn and we both share a relentless attention to detail. While Acne Studios is very much about the artistic expression, we are all about functional products for the outdoors, with a goal to bring people closer to nature. This has been a good base for a dynamic collaboration. Ultimately, with this collection, we would like to reach out to more people. Showing new customers the iconic products that we are proud of, and hopefully inspire them to discover and spend more time in nature.

The legendary Kånken comes in three styles: the backpack; a new version that can be turned into a messenger bag, complete with fresh internal compartments; and a mini Kånken clutch. There’s also a newly designed T-shirt featuring images of typical hiking scenes, vivid colour outdoor caps, and a camouflage sleeping bag. Throughout, the brands switch fonts to create a new collaborative branding. It’s a gesture of appreciation between one Swedish brand and another, to then share their Swedishness with the world. Garments from the collection are printed with a text further explaining the relationship, the deep respect and admiration between the two brands.

The unisex collection will be available in all Acne Studios stores, selected Fjällräven stores and at from September 6.