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World-unique skincare startup’s new launches are one inspired by the Nobel Prize in 2017 plus a drink to stimulate your own collagen production

Combining scientifically well documented potent plant polyphenols and disruptive cosmetic formulations proved to be the right move.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Reserol is the result of a group of researchers, entrepreneurs and creators who found a common quest; to break new ground in beauty and health by combining the latest in science and technology.

— The aim is to make the latest research available to consumers through innovative products. Our basic philosophy is to improve the health of individuals with a product range that retrieves its effect from well-known and proven substances combined with an innovative approach, says CEO and co-founder Magnus Nilsson Vall.

The brand was launched in April 2016, when their Resveratrol Boosting Films, made with a patented technology, hit the market.

— It’s a high-end dietary supplement containing the bioactive substance resveratrol. A well-studied substance with over 11 000 studies on PubMed and has long been known as nature’s own anti-aging molecule addressing the Sirt-1 system. The challenge has long been that the uptake via the stomach is only 1%, unfortunately leading to large doses and difficult controlled administration. The solution is our unique technology, FFT, which enables absorption of active compounds via the oral lining and facilitates a fast uptake and distribution to the tissues. This technology shows several advantages, such as direct distribution to bloodstream, faster uptake and easy administration, says Nilsson Vall.

Since then, he continues, the brand has introduced several products.

— Our Skin Serum comes in an ampoule and can be used as a cure or treatment to reduce redness of skin and enhancing natural glow.

— Our Retreat Sheet Mask is an instantly nourishing face mask with a hydrating and protective serum that improve, balance and promote a smoother, softer and healthier glowing skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally occurring in the body with an exceptional capacity to bind water. It acts as an invisible barrier and can hold up to 1 000 its own weight in water.

— The Overnight Moisture Mask comes with hexa-peptides, shea butter and vitamins to keep the skin moisturized, smooth and supple. It’s reducing the appearance of visible lines as well as protecting the skin against dehydration. Hexapeptide-37 increases the function of hydrating the skin.

In about a week from now, beginning of October, they launch two new products.

— Our Reset Day Cream is a nourishing day cream with protective ingredients such as B-circadin and InfraGuard. This light formula gives the skin a Blu Ray blocking effect and also helps the cells to regenerate during night when exposure to free radicals and stress is lower. This product is inspired by the discovery of the circadian rhythm leading to the Nobel Prize in 2017, says Nilsson Vall.

— Reserol Collagen Drink is our second beauty-from-within product. It is a ready to drink 6 cl shot containing 6g of marine collagen. To make this drink even better it is also blended with lycopene, zinc, green tea extract and Vitamin-C. You keep the 12 shot box in the fridge and take one every morning for 8-12 week with the aim to stimulate your own collagen production. It has the taste of apple.

How’s the business?

— We have a strong product portfolio and a good distribution, especially on Swedish pharmacies, but we’re also starting to build a presence in beauty retailers such as LYKO, says Nilsson Vall, continuing,

— Since start we have doubled the turn over year over year and our ambition is to keep that pace. Of course it’s sometimes challenging since we have to build everything from scratch. What we have learnt is that picking up sales takes longer than you think. We have to continue struggle to reach the point where we turn our figures black. So far, our main focus has been Sweden and a small project in Singapore. Besides this, Reserol can be found at some high end clinics in London, UK. We also have our online shop where we have customers from all over the globe.

The parent company, Nutrinovate, has been selected as a finalist in this year’s NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2019 in the Start-up of the year category. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday.

— The start up-award is celebrating the best new companies blazing the trail in the nutrition and health market, rewarding new ideas, potential for change, and commercial success established in the past three years. The winner will be the best new company that is able to demonstrate sound science, research and technological development, having great commercial potential or success.

What else do you have coming?

— We have a lot of interesting innovations in the pipeline but we can’t reveal more of that now. What I can tell is that we are seriously looking into the longevity field. Biohacking is a coming trend.

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