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With second hand being on the rise, H&M becomes majority owner in this market-leading e-commerce startup

Sellpy has sold 4 million items, saved more than 6 billion liters of water and gone from three to over 300 employees in four years.

Interview: Johan Magnusson

Sellpy started as a selling service for your old items, says Chief Marketing Officer Gustav Wessman.

— We realised that it was a lot easier for people to buy new items than sell their old things which created a problem that we can solve. We handle the entire selling process, from sorting to product descriptions, images, payment, shipping and customer contact. The only thing you have to do as a seller is order one of our free bags, pack it with what you want us to sell and order a pickup, we will take care of rest. We have also built up Sweden's largest e-commerce for second hand items — — with more than 350 000 unique quality assured second hand items for sale right now.

Last Thursday, the news broke out that H&M have become their new majority owner.

— It’s great testament for re-commerce and Sellpy that the H&M group choses to increase their investment. We are looking forward to more partnerships and collaborations within the H&M group. Second hand is on the rise and we want to be the natural choice for consumers, both in Sweden and in other countries. We are working on a German launch and the ambition is to launch in more markets going forward as well, says Wessman.

The company has sold more than 4 million items which has saved more than 6 billion liters of water and 13 000 tonnes of CO2 compared to if those items had been bought new instead of second hand. This is equivalent to the yearly water consumption of approximately 100.000 Swedish people and driving 1000 times around the earth in a car.

Which are your biggest futural challenges?

— It’s becoming more common to sell second hand online through us but we still have a lot of work to do to get more people to buy second hand online as well. We have significantly improved the buying experience on our e-commerce site and are now able to provide a similar experience as a regular e-commerce site selling new items. We quality-assure all items so you know what you are getting, you can have your order delivered to your doorstop the next day, return if it doesn’t fit and claim an item if something is wrong with it, says Wessman, adding,

— We will continue to improve on the buying experience but from a communication point of view, a lot comes down to get people to try and buy second hand online in this new way. The common view is that it’s inconvenient and insecure to buy second hand online, we are trying to change that perception.

This week, the company announced the launch of Sellpy Circle.

— We’re very excited about it. It will allow our buyers to list their Sellpy-purchase with the click of a button and also for all of our 4m previously sold items to be resold through Sellpy again.