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Why launch an exclusive swim shorts line in mid-November? Well, why not?

Marwida’s silhouettes come with a sartorial fit, clean lines and subtle marine life prints.


Creative duo Anders Carleö and John Magnér are both passionate about good design and a life well spent. Anders has over 20 years of experience in design and branding, working for major lifestyle and fashion brands, while John has a background in marketing and digital branding.

Good friends for many years, they complement each other in the best possible ways.

— John is a gifted networker and have a great ability to get things rolling, says Carleö.

— Anders is a creative mind that dreams up new ideas and designs with great passion, says Magnér.

— We believe it’s a great combination of skill sets to get things done and challenge old ways of the fashion industry, the duo says.

They both describe themselves having a passion for aesthetically beautiful views and really get taken by beautiful surroundings.

— That have always inspired us to go to these places.

And also inspired them for their new exclusive swimwear brand Marwida, which is latin for sea (mare) life (wida).

— The idea begun at a late fall afternoon planning our upcoming trip to the Caribbean when both of us had to get new swimwear, and realized that there was not much that fitted our need. So we took it into our own hands to create it.

Why do you launch it now, mid-November?

— It’s a great time for us to launch. Our customers have probably already planned their winter escape to some tropical beach, so for Marwida to be a part of that journey makes a lot of sense to us.

Their swim shorts have a slim sartorial fit, clean lines and subtle marine life prints.

– It comes in three different patterns, four versatile colors and in four sizes. The fabric is very supple with a satin finish that is also quick to dry. They are designed with versatility in mind, the colors and cut match well with your favourite summer casuals, so you will also look good on the way to the beach, says Carleö and Magnér.

How have you worked with sustainability?

— All our products are 100% recycled polyester. Much of it is retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea, which of course is a beautiful story to tell. And for us it’s only natural that we can go and dive into the sea where our products literally comes from.

Any other special projects coming up?

— We will start with a few more styles coming out in upcoming months and also something unique for the family man…