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”We wanted to create a denim line based on honesty”

With a mission to challenge status quo — both in the fashion industry and in people’s minds — KnowledgeCotton Apparel take action by sustainable innovation and embrace the global movement towards a cleaner, safer and better world.


KnowledgeCotton Apparel is a company with sustainable and honest practices at the core of their business. They recently introduced their organic and recycled in-store concept, developed entirely in line with the brand DNA. It’s created from recycled steel, FSC-certified wood, ecological paint, recycled glass, and fishing nets. All inventory is produced in Denmark, to minimize transports.

However, this is not a coincidence, since the Herning-based label has been at the forefront of sustainability for half a century.

— Yes, in fact, this has been on our agenda since 1969, so we have a pretty solid idea of what it takes. And I see only opportunities. Sustainability benefits us all, it’s fundamental, says Mads Mørup, CEO and Founder. He continues,

— For me, personally, it brings so much energy to my life when I see that our job really makes a difference. We actually make things better — for people and the environment. New technologies and innovative people are a true inspiration to us. The greenwashing used by some companies is really annoying but I’m convinced that consumers see through it. People are very concerned about the current social and environmental situation. As a brand we are aligned with these values, and it brings us very close to our consumers.

How would you describe your aesthetic and design?

— Sportswear with an exploring attitude. We like colours and a mix of different garments. You can wear our clothing how, when and where you like, for work, leisure or activity.

What’s new for your Fall/Winter 2019 collection?

— We’re introducing a special line of functional recycled nylon products. Perfect for outdoor adventures. We’re also using more recycled materials and continue to show a wide range of colourful and functional high-quality fashion for the conscious consumer. And we’re launching denim.

Yes, give us more on this new sustainable denim line.

— We’re taking sustainability to the next level. We wanted to create a denim line based on honesty. It has been a long and emotional journey for us. Being able to create denim that lives up to the high expectations we have set on our products is pretty much a dream come true. It took us a while, and a lot of hard work — but we simply refused to give up. I’m so grateful and proud of my team!

Where do you see yourself in the future? Will you become even more sustainable over the coming years or have you reached your peak?

— We always see ourselves pushing sustainable innovation further. Yes, compared to other companies we are far ahead. But in our company, we see it as if we have just started. We will never be satisfied. We always push ourselves to do better today than we did yesterday. As a company, we are carbon neutral. And now our goal is to make sure that all our suppliers are carbon neutral by 2025. We’re going to do everything in our power to help them get there. As of today, we are halfway into this process. There is actually so much we want to do. We realise that sometimes we may be a bit too progressive and we can hardly keep up with ourselves. But this is the attitude that drives us and makes us relevant. We’re looking into how we can expand our product range, and how to possibly expand with our own retail. But this is still a work process. Let’s see what happens.

Experience KnowledgeCotton Apparel’s FW19 collection, including the new denim line, at CIFF trade fair in Copenhagen Wednesday-Friday this week. Location: PREMIUM. Area: B4. Stand: 009.