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”We all believe in our vision to become a leader within vegan and sustainable beauty”

Haircare company Maria Nila wins the first Export prize at Swedish Beauty Awards, Sweden ”has set a new benchmark for what it means to be partner country” at the world’s largest industrial trade fair and Tiger of Sweden let ”Swedish Grace” drawings come to life in a special exhibition. Plus: Here’s Europe’s finest summer holiday home.

”We all believe in our vision to become a leader within vegan and sustainable beauty”

Maria Nila was a Sámi woman who showed great respect for her surroundings by making her own beauty products of natural ingredients. Her great grand-daughter Ann Wikström and her husband Ulf founded the haircare company named after her in 1999, and Maria’s environmental and nature philosophy is still an important core value in all parts of the company today.

— The most important thing has been to develop products that have a clear meaning, a clear purpose and which must solve a problem, says Alexander Arnheim, Head of Marketing Nordics & Communications. Our in-house chemists develop the products with 100% vegan ingredients of the highest quality in our own factory in Sweden. The products should be nice to hair, animals, and nature. Then we have an extremely competent design and development team that takes the chemists’ formula and packs it in a unique format that is in line with our brand and our values. To be short, we produce 100% vegan and cruelty-free products with climate compensated packaging for the conscious consumer.

Included in the men’s range is the world’s first vegan wax collection, Minerals.

— Built on our Swedish heritage, the four waxes are inspired by and developed from the Swedish nature. Each product correlates to the name, colour, and hardness of a unique Swedish mineral.

Last Wednesday, Maria Nila was announced the first winner of the Export prize at Swedish Beauty Awards (with our CEO Jonas Bergström in the jury).

— It feels amazing! says Arnheim. We are so proud and thankful to work with such an amazing team that work so hard every day to take the brand to the next level. We all believe in our vision to become a leader within vegan and sustainable beauty with charity, family, and innovation as the core of our culture at the company. With the ongoing launch in North America, which is followed up by launches in several major beauty markets around the world, this is the year when Maria Nila goes from being a Nordic brand in Europe to really becoming a global brand. We are represented in 35 markets at the moment.

Which coming launches will we see from you?

— We just launched a new 100% vegan and cruelty-free bleach treatment for salons. Our future plans are to become an even more sustainable company where we can be as innovative as possible with our product launches.

”Swedish Grace” drawings come to life in a special exhibition

Tiger of Sweden’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection takes inspiration from a brief creative period ranging from the mid-1910s through to the start of the 1930s known as Swedish Grace. A period when architecture, art, and craft balanced between a classic and modern expression. It was a time full of creativity influenced by the big changes that was happening in society and the world as a whole.

Included in the collection are fine silk twill and memory nylon printed with photographic studies of the delicate engravings that Edward Hald and Simon Gate created for iconic manufacturer Orrefors Glassworks during the Swedish Grace era. These studies of mythological scenes from antiquity are perfect examples of the time, as they balance the modern with the classic in a refined way.

This weekend, the brand presents an open exhibition with works by Edward Hald and Simon Gate for Orrefors, showcasing rarely seen drawings by the artists that achieved international fame during the 1910s and ’20s as designers for Orrefors. While pieces such as the Celestial Globe by Hald and the Gripsholm Cup by Gate are known to many, the hands of the artists behind them are lesser so. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see the initial sketches to these works and gives insight into the creative process behind their creation.

Address: Torsgatan 4 in Stockholm. Opening hours, tomorrow Saturday: 12pm-4pm.

”Sweden has set a new benchmark for what it means to be partner country”

Last week, Sweden was this year’s official partner country at the world’s largest industrial trade fair in Hannover, Germany. Criteria include a strong economy, innovative, business-friendly, and commitment to sustainability.

— We’re really satisfied having Sweden as the partner country. The Swedish government and industry are at the forefront of the digital conversion. That’s a great match with Hannovermesse as a global venue for Industry 4.0 and to present strategies for a smart industry, offer innovative solutions for the global market, exchange experiences and to broaden their network, says Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the board at Deutsche Messe AG.

Sweden was represented by global companies such as ABB, Ericsson, SKF, and Tetra Pak as well as universities and start-ups. The Sweden Co-Lab concept, presented at the fair, showcased Sweden as a greenhouse for co-creation (Co) and innovation (Lab). Sweden itself was positioned as a hotspot for innovation, labs, testbeds, and trends that create solutions for the future, engaging small, medium and large companies and start-ups, as well as public players.

What was the reception like from the visitors?

— Very positive from our 132 partners, industry, visitors and press, says Elisabeth Somp, Head of Public Relations at Business Sweden and Linda Steen at Trade Fair Agency. There have been 250 custom matchmaking meetings between start-ups and established German companies. We leave Hannovermesse with a positive feeling and believe that with this effort we have laid the foundation for new types of innovative collaborations. We have had 20 qualitative seminars from the big stage that have been highly appreciated and well attended where various topics and collaborative projects have been discussed. We had between 1200 and 1500 guests who visited us during our Partner Country Night. Our Swedish coffee shop has been a success and in the Swedish stand, 600 liters of coffee and 1000 cappuccinos have been served. We have had visits from five Swedish ministers and Prince Carl-Philp (pictured) and several delegations with ministers and politicians from all over the world.

Here’s Europe’s finest summer holiday home

The European Holiday Home Association recently named Blånæs, a majestic summer villa in Løkken built by former Danish Prime Minister Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, the Best Holiday Home Beach House. This beautiful home built in the 1920s boasts a spectacular setting perched high on the sand dunes above the North Sea waves, Scandinavian Traveler reports.

The house on the northwest Jutland coast has beaten over 1,000 other European holiday homes in 14 different categories. It’s both award-winning and one of the most famous and photographed houses in Løkken. And available most of the year for a weekly rate around 17,000 Danish Kronor.