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Unique watch collab includes a wristband made of fly fishing thread

+ more on the progressive Danish label going to Paris Fashion Week and releasing a super-limited 10-year-anniversary collection, the Icelandic creator predicted to be the new Nordic designer hope, the global giant supporting sustainable startups and the legendary American photographer putting vintage Marimekko on display.


Unique watch collab includes a wristband made of fly fishing thread Multi-awarded designer and art director Clara von Zweigbergk’s work has received international recognition, characterised by simplicity, balance and an exceptionally good grasp of colour. Since 2010, she has a close collaboration with HAY, where she’s been forming the visual identity, but has also designed products for Nike, Louis Poulsen and more.

Her latest work is a collaboration with Swedish TID Watches, as part of their collaborative platform TID Canvas. The result is an exclusive, limited-edition watch collection, using a progressive knitting technique.

– With TID Canvas, we have the goal to make TID a natural platform for experimentation with the ambition to bring a series of state-of-the-art timepieces, coupled with timelessness and durability of our iconic No.1 watch. The collaboration with Clara is a true manifestation of that. The colourful design is a fresh colour injection to our existing collection and the knitted structure is challenging the perception of how a wristband could look, says Ola E. Bernestål, founder and Creative Director at TID Watches.

– When invited to design Canvas 002 for TID Watches, I thought it was a great opportunity to explore something new. I wanted to experiment with the tension between the minimalist watch design, a technical material in the form of fly fishing nylon threads, and something as intricate as a knitting technique.

What was it like using fly fishing thread?

– As the factory had never used fly fishing threads for knitting before, not sure if anyone has, this was a challenge in itself. Not all of them passed the machines. Once we found out which ones did, we had to find them in the right weight, colour and in nylon in order for them to be heat-welded.

The longest part of this project was the production, where we were not even sure if it was possible, but I am very happy with the result as well as the process. I have noticed I often get into unexplored production techniques, with persistence it turns out most things are possible.

What other projects are you working on right now?

– I have more things coming out with HAY, doing a project along with a Chinese racing car company and several exciting new collaborations coming up, still too early to name.

The TID Watches Canvas 002 by Clara von Zweigbergk is available for pre-order now.

Progressive Danish label going to Paris Fashion Week and releasing super-limited 10-year-anniversary collection Over the last few years, Han Kjøbenhavn has clearly consolidated its position as one of Scandinavia’s most interesting fashion brands. And after several seasons with great reception for spectacular and memorable shows and presentations at Copenhagen Fashion Week, DM&T reports that the brand will bring the same distinctive show format to Paris Fashion Week, starting next season.

And to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Han Kjøbenhavn present their 10×10 Anniversary Collection. This capsule consists of various products: apparel, footwear, and eyewear – all inspired by their design history. From heritage workwear to their more contemporary and progressive designs, each style pays tribute to the archives of Han Kjøbenhavn. The 10 styles are limited to 10 pieces per style, all numbered from 1 to 10.

Icelandic designer predicted to be the new Nordic designer hope Ragna Ragnarsdóttir graduated with honors from Ensci Les Atelier in 2016. Working around the intersection of design, art, craftsmanship, and production, she explores a creative process that enables the design of objects more intuitively. Instead of designing objects from existing industrial or craft techniques, she searches for new processes where the design is a direct result of the production. This week she won prestigious designer prize Formex Nova 2018, awarded to a new and yet unestablished Nordic designer.

The jury’s motivation: Ragna Ragnarsdóttir´s design is humoristic, personal and headstrong. Her objects have a mystic feeling about them that makes one think of Icelandic sagas and to the unique nature of the country. At the same time, they carry traces of Chinese aesthetics.

– I’m extremely honoured and grateful. The nomination was such a surprise, as a designer, it’s so easy to get isolated in your studio. It’s a great feeling to get to know that your work is being acknowledged out there in the world. Recognition for a young designer is a huge energy shot, it makes you forget all the hard work and gets you all excited to continue creating, she says.

Global giant supporting sustainable startups With more than 1,000 people standing in line, Uniqlo opened their first store in the Nordic region earlier today. Though the Japanese retailer has built a network of more than 1,800 across 18 markets, they remain keen to stay close to the locals. That’s also why the new Stockholm outlet carries classic, stylish, and stable bikes from the Swedish manufacturer Stålhästen, sold for a decent price by removing all the middlemen, as well as the bicycle helmet with an airbag from Hövding, that took two Swedish Industrial Design students seven years to develop from a concept to a certified product. (Today over 110,000 copies of Hövding has been sold, and it has kept more than 2,600 bicyclists safe in accidents.)

Moreover, as the Japanese culture includes a long tradition of clothing care, they join forces with Swedish Steamery. The highly successful startup’s steamer range is available for purchase in Uniqlo Stockholm, along with a clothing care guide making your clothes last longer., &

Legendary American photographer putting vintage Marimekko on display Tony Vaccaro has photographed kings and queens, presidents and popes, writers and actors, artists and scientists and a broad range of our world during his almost 80-year career. In 1963, LIFE magazine sent him to Finland and Marimekko. This photoshoot ended up with one of the most iconic sets of Marimekko photography, which still acts as an enchanting visit to the joyous and colourful 1960s and the origins of Marimekko. One of the models, Anja, was also to become Tony Vaccaro’s wife.

The images will now be on show at Marimekko’s New York flagship store in a special exhibition until September 9. Address: 200 5th Ave.

And Tony? This year, 95 years of age, he works at the studio in Long Island City, New York daily. Watch a video interview here:

Tony Vaccaro and Marimekko