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Time for another aspect

This duo will not accept the status quo within our industry. Instead, they strive to be first movers on sustainability and longevity initiatives — both in the production and the design philosophy, with classic items which shall stand the ”test of time”. This week, they debut ANOTHER ASPECT in Copenhagen.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Daniel Brøndt and Anders Poulsen met on the football field more than a decade ago. They quickly found out about a common interest in fashion, music, and culture. They both went on to pursue successful careers within the creative industry but often fantasized about the idea of working together. Earlier this year they took the next step in pursuing their biggest dream and became a more structured business.

— So we decided to partner up with the second Anders of the company. He’s a business-minded Master of Law and has built companies from the ground before, the duo says.

ANOTHER ASPECT derives from Poulsen’s bachelor project after studying Sustainable Design in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

— It is born from a reaction to our own excessive consumption of clothes. We found ourselves turning to the classic items which stood the ”test of time”. We are indeed against the fast fashion model and want to make clothing that gains value over time, instead of losing it. By reconstructing the timeless items from the classic menswear wardrobe we generate everlasting styles. We remove the nonessentials and add multi-functionality and practical elements with a minimalistic touch. Hereby, we create the possibility for a small wardrobe to consist of a large range of seasonless outfits.

So many brands are finally talking about sustainability. How do you work with that?

— We source organic natural and sustainable materials, and if we use man-made fabrics we have a requirement that this must be either recycled or deadstock. We mainly produce our clothing at a small scale women-owned factory in Izmir, Turkey. This production is the first of its kind in Turkey; an ethical- and socially responsible manufacturing facility build on European principles. Here positive change is applied directly to the lives of the employees and the handcraft of manufacturing is honored in a safe and healthy environment with full transparency, says Brøndt and Poulsen, continuing,

— Another way is in our ongoing and seasonless collection. A huge part of it will be ”carryovers” (products that remain the same season after season, Ed’s note) for the next. This way we can spend the time updating and perfecting each item instead of developing new ones each collection. Further, we assure that no piece of ANOTHER ASPECT is ever thrown out.

This week they show their first collection, ”The Daily”, inspired by the everyday life that they appreciate dearly.

— Based on the daily routines and excesses, we want to create clothes that support and value the everyday journey with its activities from the beginning to the end. From the poem by the Danish author Dan Turéll, this collection is ”A Tribute To The Everyday Things”.

— We present several styles where multifunction is incorporated. The ”ANOTHER Over Shirt 1.0” in organic and recycled cotton has a turn-around feature that allows us to change expression through either visible or invisible pockets as well as color shades. The collection also includes our shirts in both Tencel and raw silk. We created three types of shirts that stand out in the material, but still have a simple and minimal expression that makes it easy to style for either formal or more casual use.

Every third month the three partners go to a beach-house to among others revisit the plans of the brand’s future and their dreams.

What do you dream about?

— To be placed in shops around the world. Furthermore, we wish to eventually launch our own physical shop in a multi-space with other brands that share our believes and values — could be coffee, furniture, magazines, or plants. In the longer run, we hope to be part of the development of new sustainable materials for the clothing industry and hopefully one day move our production closer to the rest of the supply chain in Denmark. Our dream is that such a production can serve as an incubator for new brands with shared values so we can return some of the favors granted to us in our start-up process. We believe in circular systems, so it would mean the world for us to give something back to the world and the world of fashion. Our dreams are ultimate that our customers will put in the best endeavors when making decisions about their next purchase.

While SS20 is the first full collection, ANOTHER ASPECT launch an exclusive collaboration this fall with Copenhagen-based gallery and bookshop 11o.

— We quickly fell in love with the artistic sensibility and quality selection of 11o and got in touch to plant the early seeds. They shared the same feeling. The collaboration will consist of t-shirts, shirts and a workwear jacket made from GOTS certified material, the duo says.

ANOTHER ASPECT’s SS20 collection is on display for the fashion industry at CIFF in Copenhagen this week. Location: B3, 028A, Urban.