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Three Nordic countries are the world’s most well-respected

Also, more on the new owners setting high hopes for Oscar Jacobson’s global expansion and the new investors helping the Danish success becoming one of the world’s 10 most influential sneaker brands.


Award-winning collection finally on display Last year, L’Homme Rouge was the first Swedish menswear label to win the European final of International Woolmark Prize. The special collection showcased at the global final is inspired by the founder’s roots at the Swedish west coast and its strongly rooted boat building culture. The six looks and accessories are mainly made of Merino wool, but will not be produced, nor sold. However, they’ll be exhibited at Sven Harry’s art museum in Stockholm this week, between Wednesday and Sunday.

– We call it ”The Boat Building School” and with this collection, I went back to a world I’m well familiar with, as I grew up in an environment with a wood workshop and boat building, says designer Jonatan Härngren. I decided to study and interpret the boat building tradition along the Swedish west coast. We’ve brought in shapes and functional elements from this environment and modernized them and focused on using the width of the qualities that the Merino wool holds.

Give us more on your favourite piece.

– A vest made with a technique that is inspired by the rag rug, with a more abstract landscape motif. It has a strong connection to boat building and the Swedish textile history, but at the same time, it doesn’t look completely finished, which adds a dimension of imperfection with its mended look. This relates to the boat building tradition where you used what you had and repaired and mended things that were broken. The vest is shorter in its proportions, adding a more rebellious and modern touch.

How is L’Homme Rouge doing?

– We’ve always looked at ourselves as we are doing something different, we experiment, and the past year we have the sensation that we have built up a stronger understanding for the brand. Partly through the International Woolmark Prize, which was an acknowledgment that we are on to something and that we want to explore and challenge. New retailers include SSENSE, which we like as they represent many strong brands that have their own distinguished expressions and visions. and

New owners setting high hopes for Oscar Jacobson’s global expansion and new investors helping ARKK Copenhagen becoming one of the world’s 10 most influential sneaker brands Unsurprisingly, several business-related news are announced right before the summer holidays. When interviewed by us just the other week, Swedish menswear label Oscar Jacobson’s new Chief Brand Officer Gustaf Törling stated the brand being “in a very exciting evolution phase right now, which we can’t wait to share with the world”. And this week saw private Swedish conglomerate Mellby Gård acquiring the company.

– Mellby Gård, with its long experience from the retail fashion industry and its broad industrial know-how, will offer Oscar Jacobson the ownership support that is required for the company’s expansion plans in the coming years. We look forward to writing the next chapter in the long and prosperous history of Oscar Jacobson, says David Thunmarker, CEO.

In Denmark, sneaker label ARKK Copenhagen has grown 256% annually every year since the first year back in 2014 and is now available on more than 30 markets, selling more than 90% of their products abroad. However, as DM&T reports and as this headline reveals, founders Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen have set their sights higher, to become one of the sneaker world’s most significant labels. They’re now selling 28% of the company in a million euro deal to Friheden Invest and North-East Venture, run by Martin Lumbye and Niels Martinsen. The latter is the founder of one of the largest apparel companies in the region, IC Group, and the duo will help ARKK Copenhagen to consolidate the brand and further increase the international growth. and

New survey: Three Nordic countries are the world’s most well-respected When 58 000 people in the G8 countries were asked about the best reputable nations in the consultant agency Reputation Institute’s survey Country RepTrak, Sweden is advancing two steps from last year’s list to the top spot. 55 countries were ranked on the main subjects economy, governance, and an appealing environment, with Sweden being perceived as ethical, transparent, with a low level of corruption, having the most socially responsible and progressive politics.

– Sweden stands out being perceived as a generous, equal, and environmentally conscious country with high morals, says Nicolas George Trad at Reputation Institute.

For the Nordic neighbours, Finland is number two, Norway number four, and Denmark number nine on the list.

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Adding masculinity to a skincare success When former Novo engineer Flemming K. Christensen founded Danish skincare brand Beauté Pacifique back in 1997, he used the knowledge and experience from his other corporation, Cortex Technology (which develops and produces advanced medical electronic equipment for skin diagnostics) in the creation and development. After launching more than 50 products and opening their own dermatology clinic, their first men’s line is debuting this summer. The Masculinity line consists of an anti-age crème, a moisturizing day cream, a double action facial scrub, and – our own favourite – a highly efficient purifying foam cleanser that you simply need to experience.