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Moscow Fashion Week

”This show was an outreach to all queer friends in Russia and the world!”

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp graduate Linus Leonardsson describes his new brand as sustainable glamour for all genders and people after his debut show in Moscow.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Born in Stockholm, educated in Antwerp, and currently based in London, Leonardsson graduated his MA-course from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp this summer.

— My focus is now on launching with an extended version of my graduation collection, he says. Ever since a young age, I have had a keen interest in fashion and to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in social contexts. That is also why I like experiencing different places and their clothing cultures. What is seen as normal in one place, becomes controversial somewhere else – which is something I, for instance, have noticed a lot the past days in Moscow.

Leonardsson considers emotional attachment as something highly underestimated in today’s fashion industry.

— Love who you are, but also what you buy! We buy, wear a few times, then toss away. I want to promote fashion that is committed to longevity and quality. More thought and emotion must go into what we produce and buy, or else think that people do not need these pieces in their lives.

He was chosen by the Russian Fashion Council and a panel of international jury members to show under the Global Talents programme during last week’s Moscow Fashion Week.

How was the show?

— Fabulous, breathtaking and so much fun! he says, adding,

— And quite frankly, I could not think of a better place to show! My collection is celebratory of exploring sexuality. Still today, there is a lot of work to be done for LGBTQI-rights worldwide. Last month, I was personally attacked on the streets of London for wearing lilac trousers, and Russia's internationally controversial anti-gay laws are another example of that there is still a long way to go for worldwide equality. This show was an outreach to all queer friends in Russia and the world!

How’d you describe your brand?

— Sustainable glamour for all genders and people! That basically wraps up the foundation of the brand. I want to celebrate individual exploration and self love, while still taking good care of mother nature. The collection I showed, ”See you in the fog”, is in short inspired by coming into adulthood, forest raves and searching for one's identity. The fashion show during MBFW Russia was in fact my debut, so the brand itself is super fresh.

Have you received any interest from the Russian market?

— As a matter of fact, I have received a lot of post-show love! Much more than I had hoped for to be honest. My experience in Moscow has really been overwhelmingly positive and a lot of people have expressed their sincere interest in the brand.

What else will we see from you?

— I’m currently working together with designer Karim Guest on a mini-collection of luxe sustainable knitwear pieces which are to be launched in the beginning of next year. This collaboration is a part of an individual support programme by The Woolmark Company, Suedwolle Group and Peterseim. Apart from that, I am simultaneously starting to work on my coming collection which will focus yet more on sustainability and slow fashion.

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