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”This feels like getting a Michelin star”

Planning a trip to Scandinavia this summer? Make sure to stop by these two fashion stores, making it to Monocle’s prestigious top 100 list of the world’s best retailers.


Goods in Copenhagen and Nitty Gritty in Stockholm are both two of Scandinavia’s leading retail destinations. The latter was founded in 1991 as a counter reaction to all the mainline clothing department stores dominating the market in the early 90s. As one of the first independent stores in Stockholm at the time, they offered the customer a personal mix of brands that were either cheap or expensive, Swedish or international, known or unknown. That remains just as important to this day, even if the concept has evolved and refined over the years.

Since their humble beginnings around the birth of the global financial crisis in August of 2008, retailer Goods has gone from being an off-beat destination for specialist hunters in a compact basement to becoming an established menswear store centrally located in the residential neighbourhood of Østerbro in Copenhagen.

— Our outlook was global from the outset, and since that beginning, we’ve managed to attract regulars not only from Copenhagen, its suburbs and its surroundings, but also customers from all over the world. When it comes to our customers from around the world, many of them are so dedicated that they go out of their way to visit us at our brick and mortar location on Østerbrogade 44. This means so much to us and tells us that the direction we are moving in is the right one, both when it comes to our core values as well as the values of our brilliantly dedicated customers. We tend to a broad range when it comes to our clientele; servicing both locals, tourists and Copenhagenites of varying ages and social stature, but all with a common and vested interest in quality and design. Our carefully and specially curated selection of quality goods seems to be working for us, as this is the foundation from which we wish to build our platform, says Founder Kasper Hostrup.

How does it feel to be on Monocle’s top 100 list?

— Of course, it feels great, says Nitty Gritty’s CEO and owner Marcus Söderlind. Monocle is such a good quality magazine that we, at Nitty Gritty, really respects so to be mentioned there is always a pleasure.

— We are very honored and humbled, says Kasper Hostrup. There are only 12 menswear only retailers on the list and we are one of them! So we couldn’t be happier and this is obviously also a huge pad on the shoulders for our treasured clientele who has appreciated what we doing for a long time. And also the fact that this recognition comes from Monocle — a magazine known for being earnest and exclusive and one which has covered retail intensely throughout the past decade. Monocle sees retail as a whole, so this feels like getting a Michelin star.

Do you expect to welcome even more customers now?

— We hope this will open everyone’s eyes; customers, media, and so on to what we do, says Hostrup. We will hopefully serve as an example of what can be achieved with dedication, hard work and finding one’s own path and sticking to it.

— Monocle has mentioned Nitty Gritty quite often, and we do get a lot of tourist entering Nitty Gritty with the Monocle magazine underneath their arm, which we always are delighted to see. I think that the typical Monocle reader is a good Nitty Gritty customer, and vice versa, so this is a good match for both of us, says Söderlind.