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The Swedish tiger roars again

This year marks a new chapter for Tiger of Sweden as it hires the first ever creative director, Christoffer Lundman, responsible for all design. The appointment has unsurprisingly created a buzz on the fashion industry, as he's expected to bring an updated fashion sensibility to the tiger.


The history of one of Scandinavia’s leading tailored brands, Tiger of Sweden, spans more than a century. During the past two decades, the brand has evolved into a national symbol for minimalist fashion.

— To start with, we’ll introduce a new logotype with a font based on our old one from the 60s, while our tiger will also change into one inspired by an original from the 20s, Lundman says.

Design wise, his first collection for AW18 pays respect to the tailoring heritage, working with a muted colour scheme and raising the quality of fabrics, while also adding a touch of humour into the mix.

— I saw the Autumn collection as a foundation to a modern wardrobe, and the Spring collection continues to build on this. However, it is bolder and less restrained in its expression. Much more eclectic and playful, Lundman explains.

Reflecting upon the inspiration for the SS19 collection, he adds, — Tiger of Sweden opened an office in the Empire State building in the 1970s. This was quite a statement. We found inspiration in the optimism that ran through the company at the time. The energy of a big city, travel and meeting new cultures, in contrast to Sweden. We imagined a Swedish business man leaving his summer house and travelling straight to the big city.

With regard to the brand’s next big steps, Lundman says,

— To rebuild our own stores, include our denim line Tiger Jeans more within the main line and introduce a wide range of new accessories.

Concluding with a comment on the most important values from Sweden that he will bring to the collection, Lundman says, — I think of Sweden as an inclusive, open and equal society. A place that is fairly free of traditions and not bound to ideas of correctness and norms. This informs all aspects of society, even down to the way we dress. There’s simply no rule book to obey or disobey. To me, this is the essence of Sweden and what Tiger as a company stands for. I see our attitude as open-minded and carefree. We’re not bound by tradition.