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The super-hyped Transparent Speaker celebrate craftsmanship with special line and global brand made this beer lover’s lifetime dream come true

And Henrik Vibskov has just opened pop-up shops in Paris and Miami.


The super-hyped Transparent Speaker celebrate craftsmanship with a special line Transparent Sound is a reborn audio brand that came out of their first product, the Transparent Speaker. Founders Per Brickstad and Martin Willers want to offer something more exciting, more elegant, more long-lasting and more avant-garde compared to the tech products of today.

– We believe there are many reasons to question the way products are made and consumed today. We think it's a broken system that pollutes both our homes and our planet, Brickstad says.

Basically, the Transparent Speaker came out of a GIF.

– It was a quite simple idea, to change background behind a static, transparent speaker. We used a lot of interior images with wallpapers I think, and this GIF sort of went viral. It showed up on hundreds of tumblrs and similar places. That was the starting point of the whole thing. People all over the world started to write to us and basically beg us to put it on Kickstarter.

And you also gained huge attention, with coverage from lifestyle media from all over the world, after launching it about five years ago. How did you experience that?

– There was a lot of press coverage, I suppose Brickstad says. That product really took us on an exciting journey, we're still on that journey actually... One of my intentions when designing the product from the beginning was to reduce as much ”decoration” as possible, to only work with the iconic and essential elements. The reason was to make something that would not feel dated to a certain period of time but to aspire to timelessness. I think the design is doing a good job with that ambition, still going strong. Of course, the whole idea with timelessness also needs to be considered in terms of technology, which often seems to be the opposite, very quick lifespan. So we made the product modular, upgradeable.

And you now present your new launch. What's new?

– Apart from our awesome small speaker which is now finally available to order, the brand has really found its true character. We now know what we want to do, where we want to go and, sort of, how to go there. We have partnered with around 20 awesome design showrooms and retailers around Europe. Before, sort of anyone that wanted to could sell our products. We also want to further explore the boundaries between tech and interior design, hence the new UPCRAFTED collection.

Yeah, give us more on this special line, celebrating craftsmanship with speakers made of different materials.

– It is manifesting the fact that well-made components can be reborn into something even better. We have made such an effort to design the sound making elements, the colours, the textures, the simplicity... so when putting them into various handcrafted cabinets, we get a result that harmonise, since the artisans have a similar dedication to their craft. We use our two acoustic platforms to make different sizes of speakers. The steel speaker is so cool, its such a beast now. The heavy solid steel cabinet really manifests the power of this speaker. The wood and ceramic speakers are also loud and clear, but a lot more elegant. Working with the box form factor is, of course, a wink towards our two Transparent Speakers, but I believe the shape has an ”appliance” character to it that helps something like a ceramic material to really work as a tech object. It is not two worlds forced to collaborate, it is a merge and a synergy between the two worlds.

What are your future plans?

– We intend to further explore to what extent an advanced technology product can also be a contemporary design object. We intend to further experiment with product formats that emphasise the natural and the circular. We will do more with sound. The hearing sense is such a gateway to immersive, rich and joyful experiences. We will explore new ways to use this to create beautiful things for people.

– And I thought about something this morning..., Brickstad adds. You know how on a good restaurant these days you'll find vegetarian food that is so, so delicious. The days when all vegetarian dishes felt like a poor excuse of a steak is over. I realised we want to do something similar. We want to prove ”green” products can be really juicy.

Henrik Vibskov open pop-up stores in Paris and Miami

One week ago, the Danish fashion company opened a one-month pop-up at 13 Rue Taylor in the midst of the Parisian 10th Arrondissement. After more than 30 continuous runway shows in the French capital, Vibskov has decided to unfold his creative universe through a temporary mono-label retail concept.

– Paris has always been the heart, the machine, the reliable rhythm of the industry. Its fashion scene has always been part of my professional activities, so testing retail here is an old dream that finally has come true, he says, continuing,

– In our company we have always been supporters of multi-label concept, and a diverse shopping experience. But this space seems to be perfectly fit for presenting my collections staged alone. When this opportunity came, I was excited to put our retail concept to a test – in a new city, in a new context. Retail is not an easy discipline, and at the moment customers can't find a broad selection of my collections in Paris, so I’m happy to connect with the existing, as well as build a new audience through this more intimate set up and space. Outside the Fashion Week, outside the big tourist season.

The Paris pop-up will be open until December 29.

And this week saw the opening of Henrik Vibskov’s ”The Miami Visit” pop-up store at 7338 NW Miami Court, in Little River.

For 4510/SIX’s Little River store, Vibskov has designed a custom installation to celebrate the influx of creatives meeting in Miami for Art. Three temporary modules, each with back-painted walls and décor, will interrupt the everyday retail experience. The modules will contain Vibskov’s SS19 and AW18 collections, with the latter inspired by Jan Fabre’s sculpture The Man Who Measures the Clouds (L'homme qui mesure les nuages), which Vibskov encountered last summer during his travels in Kanasawa, Japan. Oversized knits, statement outerwear, and garments interspersed with geometric lines all stem from the poetic gesture of measuring something unmeasurable. As part of Vibskov’s installation, dozens of suspended, identical ”brooms” will fill 4510/SIX’s front window.

Henrik Vibskov’s installation will remain on view through January 4, 2019.

Tonsure teams up with iconic Illum for a special collab

Earlier this fall, Denmark’s most international department store, Illum, opened up their brand new men’s floor, carrying local up-and-comers Halo, Heliot Emil, and Tonsure as well as international brands such as Saint Laurent, Emporio Armani, and Acne Studios.

They now present their first special capsule in a series of coming collabs with the mentioned Tonsure, Fashionforum reports.

– According to me, Tonsure is one of the strongest Danish menswear brands in these days, with a really bright future, which we really wish to support, says Kristoffer Sakurai, Buying Manager for Men’s Fashion at Illum. With our customers’ demand for ”exclusive collabs” being really high, it was a natural step to ask [Tonsure’s Creative Director] Malte Flagsted to create a collection exclusively for Illum.

The small capsule includes T-shirts and hoodies, as well as Tonsure’s first-ever sneakers, and is available in a dedicated space at the mentioned men’s floor for a limited time only.

– Illum is a great partner for Tonsure, with their great mix of trendy high-end brands and timeless luxury. That segment fits us very well, both in terms of our branding and our design, making it natural to cooperate on a limited edition and pop-up shop. &

Global brand made this beer lover’s lifetime dream come true

Scottish Innis & Gunn began their journey into craft beer 15 years ago.

– At that time, the beer scene at home in the UK was, to be blunt, shit, says Co-founder Neil Sharp. Through a lack of quality-led beers and a very homogenous marketplace, beer to a lot of people was just about getting drunk. At that time, in our family brewery in Edinburgh, we were getting increasingly fed up with this and had begun to drastically re-write brewing recipes and source new ingredients. My older brother Dougal, the Head Brewer, brewed a new IPA, packed full of hops, more akin to today’s modern flavourful IPA’s. It went onto win Champion Beer of Britiain, the first time a Scottish brewer had won this award. This strengthened our belief that people would be really up for beers packed with flavour.

They started experimenting and trying to break new ground. Dougal being a fan of bourbon, decided to source some barrels that had been used to age bourbon, and to experiment with some beer-barrel-ageing.

– The beer that came out of those barrels was like nothing else we had ever tried, Sharp says. Dougal says that drinking it was ”like being hit by lightning.” Though I am not sure if he knows what it feels to be struck by actual lighting, sadly! Within months though, he had left dad’s brewery and set up Innis & Gunn – the name is our middle names – so that he could bring his new style of beer to the world. I went away to university to study chemistry, and a few years later re-joined my brother. Today we brew an incredible range of beers; IPA’s, barrel-aged beers, lager... They all have one thing in common – which is that they are delicious.

– We are unique because we’ve always broken the mould and we’ve never followed what others do. If it hasn’t been done before, we’re not scared to do it. It might not work, but we will try it. And we only ever put beer out that is delicious. Our mission is to see people finish one of our beers in the pub – then order another.

How’s the business?

– We’re in our 15th year so we are definitely not the new kid on the block! But we are still doing amazing new things, winning awards for our beer, launching in new markets and this year we will have strong growth again.

Earlier this year, you introduced the third edition of your Imagine & Gunn competition to find your new beer. And the winner is Swedish!

– Yes, the principal to our fans is simple; ”tell us your dream beer, and come and make it in our brewery.” We got around 500 ideas from Sweden this year, and from that, we made a shortlist. Then the public were able to vote on it. And there is no going back – we have to make the most popular idea. This year the winner was Stefan Skoge who wanted to brew a winter pepparkaka [gingerbread] stout, then age it in brandy barrels. We had no idea what the hell a pepparkaka was at first, but once we started to research and think about it, we could understand Stefan’s vision. He had the perfect Christmas Beer in mind: something rich, warming and full of spice and depth. The beer is incredible, one of our favorites of all time. And Stefan is now a hero amongst his friends as he has his own beer. What is not to like?

This beer, Koge's Choice Pepparkakor Stout Brandy Barrel Aged, is available from today. What will be your coming launches?

– We have some really cool limited editions planned. First up, Kindred Spirits which is an Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout, followed by a passionfruit pale ale for the summer. And VP03 is an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels for 365 days. It is the biggest beer we make and it’s a brew that says a lot about us, the journey we have been on, and what we are capable of.