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7 launches we liked at Formex interior and design fair

The largest meeting place for Nordic interior design celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Here are our highlights from this week’s fair.

Words: Johan Magnusson


Not only Formex, but also iconic Stelton are celebrating 60 years in 2020. One of the anniversary’s key launches is the reintroduction of designer Peter Holmblad’s watering can, originally from 1978.


Klippan Yllefabrik

Speaking of iconic, Klippan Yllefabrik follow up on last year’s 140th anniversary with the new Creative Reuse line. The textile program is all about minimize waste and maximize use, making use of surplus fibers from their own production. They’re combining recycled wool, selvages and waste yarn so that nothing goes to waste. The blanket in the basket is made of Swedish wool, as part of their expanded focus on locally sourced materials.


by Crea

Exquisite table and chairs designed by jewelry designer Efva Attling’s creative hub THE HÖGDALEN for exciting up and coming by Crea, produced in a factory in Lomma in southern Sweden. Later this spring sees the launch of their new collab with outdoor furniture.



Formex also sees the debut of new bag brand Apelock. Their line includes this tote bag, that includes a solar panel which charges your phone or other tech stuff through a 5,000 mAh powerbank. And, it works in cloudy weather too!


van Deurs

The year before last year, van Deurs won the prestigious Formex Formidable award. For this edition, founder Susanne Beskow launches a line celebrating the legacy of her relative Peranders-Karin Stark (1878-1965). It’s also highlighting old days’ ”hidden women”, working from home, using their craft knowledge to make small editions of unique products, either for the family or to sell. van Deurs wants to carry this art and craft forward and give it new value. This unisex bracelet comes with traditional bonnet ribbon and inked pleated soft reindeer calf leather. It’s made in Sweden and also works as a cufflink.



Rig-tig’s new line Foodie consists of electric kitchen appliances designed by Danish-Canadian design studio Unit 10. The 50s-inspired design expression includes matt surfaces and rounded shapes and comes in a black and white version as well as a limited edition in pastel colours.



Did you know that the scraps and roots of many vegetables that would normally be considered waste could regrow into new plants? There are many greens that can develop again when root system is placed in water. Regrow’s unique and innovative vegetable stand comes with a triangular design which enables it to be placed on many drinking glasses and vases. After only 14 days you will have a new perfectly fresh vegetable — by regrowing your greens you can get 2 vegetables to the price of 1!