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”The future of American Sportswear starts with GANT”, says Christopher Bastin about returning as Global Artistic Director

The Swedish creative mind heads back to his former employer in a new role, including PR driven projects like capsule collections, external collaborations and the top of the triangle.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Bastin started at the floor of a denim store 25 years ago, before moving to Whyred and Acne Studios. He then spent 11 years at GANT, starting as shirt designer, before launching GANT Rugger and ending up as the Global Creative Director.

— In the last four years I’ve been running my creative agency CBCA, working with clients like Frame Denim and NN07, as creative director and freelance design director, he says.

Now back at GANT as Global Artistic Director, which is a new role.

— Apart from focusing on the key aesthetics of the brand, I’ll work a lot with PR driven projects like capsule collections, external collaborations and the top of the triangle. I’m sort of a creative catalyst for the brand. It’s a very free and creative role that fits me like a glove.

How come that you return?

— The timing was perfect. I wanted to return to Sweden full time to be with my family more, and GANT has always kept a big place in my heart. I always felt like I wasn’t done with GANT, so when they called and more or less had tailor-made this role for me, I didn’t have to think about it at all. It was a no-brainer, says Bastin, adding:

— It’s a very exciting time for American Sportswear. There’s been a lot of fast fashion and streetwear influencing the industry over the past years. While I fully enjoy watching the spectacle and the hype-factory at work, for me GANT is about making beautiful, wearable clothes in a style that lasts longer than a season. Having said that, there’s something very interesting in how the industry has evolved that I think will be exciting to apply to GANT and its aesthetics. The future of American Sportswear starts with GANT.

When will see your first pieces presented?

— I’m still on paternity leave with my kid Flora, haha! But considering the nature of the projects I’ll be working on and GANT’s fast-paced environment, I don’t think it will be that long. But a few months at least. I have a lot of ideas but we’ll save that for when the time is right.

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