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”The future looks fun, bright, and colorful!”

This interior decorator duo’s retail space with a mix of hand-picked vintage furniture and new interior products plus plants, beauty products and loads of crazy unnecessary details receives huge appreciation from customers looking for something else than Scandi minimalism.

Words Johan Magnusson Photography Nicolina Knapp

Henrik Ekberg and Zandra Lidén started interior studio Esteriör in 2016 to fulfill a dream but also make interior-Stockholm to a more colorful, happier and less anxious place. Opening their own shop was not according to plan yet, but way further in the future.

— Last autumn we were looking for a new space for Esteriör Studio, says Ekberg. We had been walking by this amazing store many times and just thinking that it had a great location and layout, however not really thought about that it could be ours, the duo says. The space had been on the market for some time and we thought ”why not have a look at it just for fun”. Once we saw the whole space we realized it was too good to be true and two month later, and with a lot of help from friends and family, we opened our 150sqm store — including the 30 square meter Esteriör Studio in the back.

With the mentioned mix of stuff in a shop being in constant change, the duo aims to create an inspirational place to visit — and revisit — often.

How has the reception been?

— Amazing! We are overwhelmed by all the good words, reactions and emotions that we’ve got. We really feel that Stockholm was thirsty for something new, colorful and different when it comes to interior and store-experiences. We love it!

Are interior trends important for you?

— Yes and no! says Ekberg. As most people, we are also influenced by the current trends. However, Esteriör’s style is more of a mixture of different eras, styles and items, that make our design and interior more timeless and long-lasting. We always aim for an environment-friendly and fun, yet personal, style that can grow and change over time.

Half of the assortment is vintage furniture with mostly Swedish and Scandinavian design, mixed with newly made details from exciting brands from all over the world.

— We have a lot of posters from Scandinavian artists, but also Isadeco’s fantastic flower pots, Tangent’s super nice beauty products, and also, new in our shop this summer, Danish Oyoy.

How’s the Scandinavian general interest for interior compare to the rest of the world?

— Great! I believe Scandinavians in general are very trend sensitive and aware of the importance of adding beauty to there lives. The home is more and more an extension of your personality and style. Maybe this is not that strange adding in the picture that we live in a part of the world that has four seasons and a long winter. We spend a lot more time inside in our homes than many other countries, which gives us a bigger purpose of making it as nice as possible.

— Our goal is to make Esteriör to a meeting point for inspiration, design and a fun way to explore interior, says Ekberg. This autumn we will also launch a new webshop to make it easier for the rest of the world to visit us in a digital way. The future looks fun, bright, and colorful!

Esteriör Shop is located at Åsögatan 144 in Stockholm.