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The chosen one from the next generation of Danish streetwear

Also more on the best Nordic bartender starting a secret bar, the award-winning Norwegian lounge chair, and the London brand's take on Stutterheim's raincoats.

The chosen one from next generation of Danish streetwear

Denmark has also brought the likes of Wood Wood, Les Deux, and Soulland to a global streetwear market. Is ACKITE next one out? The renowned investors from DKcompany, Minimum and other major players from the Scandinavian fashion industry are keen to agree, choosing Morten Rasmussen's label for startup company competition Fashion Growth 2018.

– I got a lot of useful feedback from the investors, he says, adding: It's gonna be really exciting to see what the future holds.

Founded last year in Denmark's second city Aarhus, the design's simplicity combined with the best qualities became the buildup of ACKITE.

– My creative mind comes from the diversity in the world. I want to gather people, giving them a common unity for the world to see. ACKITE defines every piece of the design as a unique key to unlocking the perfect style. I personally handpick the best qualities to achieve the highest comfort, I work very closely with our production team, to make sure all pieces are the best quality.

Your new collection ”INDUSTRIAL” hits stores this June. Tell us about it.

– It's all about showing what fashion is all about: Reinvention and creative rethinking.

And how will you reach out?

– Starting in Copenhagen, we're hosting several big pop-up events all over Europe, also planning to open our first store in Copenhagen early next year. We work very closely with our costumers, working with brand ambassadors all over the world. We believe that the future of fashion is all about strong relations, and being unique. We're working on a lot of new projects, and I look forward to revealing the next steps in our global brand performance.

The best Nordic bartender is opening a secret bar

Following a two-day clash in Copenhagen with 12 of the leading bartenders from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, the Nordic winner of the world's biggest bartender competition, World Class, is Emil Hed from Svartengrens restaurant in Stockholm. This fall, he's set to open a speakeasy kind of bar named Bur at restaurant TAK in the Swedish capital, limited to 30 seats and only available via booking.

– Svartengrens has been a great learning source on how to work sustainable and why, he says. We'll co-work with the kitchen at TAK as much as we can and use their techniques. And, since it's such a big place, they get a lot of waste products which we'll bring into cocktails. The plan is to open in September.

You'll now also represent Sweden in the big global final of Diageo Reserve World Class in Berlin in November, what are your feelings for that?

– I'm overwhelmed and also pretty sure I won’t have any life at all until that, spending a lot of time on research and studying. &

From Norway to the world

After all the success in their native country, Norwegian Fora Form's now aiming to conquer the world. Lounge chair Camp by acclaimed duo Anderssen & Voll recently won Product of the Year by Design og Arkitektur Norge (DOGA) for its comfort and the clean and versatile design, that suits in several different environments.

Architecture for the public spaces

New and experimental architecture from several of Sweden's leading designers and architects takes place in the new exhibtion Public Luxury on ArkDes museum in Stockholm. Through large-scaled, commission works, installations and projects both inside and outside the museum, the visitors get new insight into how architecture and design can help to find solutions on the challenges which a modern Scandinavian society faces today. It is also a reminder that every park bench, sign, or public toilet is a part of the identity of a city or a certain place.

The participating designers and architects, including Åsa Jungnelius, Uglycute, and Johan Celsing, may not have the power to change the society, but nothing reflects on the changes it experiences as much as architecture and design.

Stutterheim x Band of Outsiders

Swedish premium rain- and outerwear company Stutterheim Raincoats collaborates with London-based menswear brand Band Of Outsiders. The collaboration is part of the latter's AW18 collection, inspired by the idyllic winter-sports holiday.

The collaboration was first shown at Band Of Outsiders’ presentation during London Men’s Fashion Week, last January. Instead of a traditional runaway, 22 talented ice-skaters presented the looks on the Somerset House ice skating rink, putting Stutterheim on ice for the very first time. Their Stockholm raincoat is now re-created in three different versions for the collaboration. Classic Navy, Red and White coats were reworked with a timeless pinstripe pattern in the form of a slope print.

– Band Of Outsiders offers a great range of menswear, and we’re happy to be a part of their universe this season. They talk about being a brand for men who don’t take themselves too seriously, something we very much resonate with and think more people should embrace, says Stutterheim Founder and Creative Director Alexander Stutterheim.