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The children’s show’s iconic elephant is back — now also in smaller sizes for ”mini mes”

Co-founder Pelle Lundquist describes how the two previous collaborations with legendary Swedish artist, illustrator and genius Owe Gustafson became huge successes. So, they did another one.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Gustafson’s work became renowned in Sweden in the 70s thanks to the children’s show ‘Fem Myror är fler än Fyra Elefanter’ (‘Five Ants is more than Four Elephants’). Still paying homage to Gustafson’s iconic elephants, the third collaboration introduces a children’s range alongside the unisex collection. The new drop features hoodies, college sweatshirts, Oxford shirts and t-shirts. Additionally, A Day’s March’s signature garment, The Original Overshirt, is now available with the elephant motif in kids’ sizes.

— For a while, I was tired of constantly being associated with the show, says Owe Gustafson. But today I’m proud of it. When first asked about collaborating on a collection featuring the elephant from ’Fem Myror är fler än Fyra Elefanter’, I was hesitant. Who would be interested? But once launched, the garments turned out to be a success. I’m tremendously happy and proud to participate in this collection which includes a children’s range. It is amazing that people still appreciate the show almost fifty years after it first aired!

— Our ambition has always been to apply Owe’s playful illustrations onto plain yet stylish garments, encouraging an intriguing juxtaposition between the garment and the illustration. The collection intends to reflect Owe’s personality: simultaneously playful and traditional, says Pelle Lundquist.

— It’s a treat to work with Owe. The first two collections made an incredible impact and were very well received. We are thrilled to announce the continuation of the collaboration. This time, we’ve created garments for children. Although this isn’t part of our repertoire, it made sense considering the origin of the illustrations. Since the release of the first collection, people around us have been begging us to bring out a kids’ collection featuring Owe’s famous pink elephant. We agreed that the time was right to take that step, says Stefan Pagréus, Creative Director.

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