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The best of Finnish fashion gathered in one place and the best of Caliroots all under the same roof

Plus a very special speaker with artwork by David Lynch while global audio success drop a new speaker – and join forces with rising rap star in a brand initiative for creative minds. And after a two-year research project: Filippa K drop two industry-changing garments in a new line of jackets.


The best of Finnish fashion gathered in one place Kämp Galleria describe themselves as a refreshing shopping oasis in the heart of Helsinki, between the busy Aleksanterinkatu street and the atmospheric Esplanadi park. Their new floor, Garden, includes 10 Finnish fashion brand’s own flagship stores – making sure that Garden offers an easy access to Finnish fashion for all kind of people. It is complemented with the excellent bookstore TRE<3 Nide, the country’s largest organic cosmetics house Jolie, and three restaurants.

– The location in the very center of Helsinki, close to metro, buss station and main railway station guarantees that if you spend 2 hours in Helsinki, you will have time to check Garden and Finnish fashion brands, says Martta Louekari from Juni Communication and Production (the company in charge of the concept and PR in Garden). One important thing in Garden is the different events; we now have a place to launch new brands, test the products, host press events and more. In general, we wanted to create a new type of place in Helsinki, a platform for Finnish fashion and a living room for all the citizens.

How come that you opened it?

– I think this is the latest episode of the story of Finnish fashion and the next step after Finland being the Guest Nation at Pitti Uomo last January. We see a great success for new individual fashion brands and the growth of the Finnish fashion industry in general. However, Garden is a dream come true, and we are still amazed by our luck to have a chance to create such a place.

What’s so unique about it?

– The concept – a place dedicated just for Finnish fashion – is, for sure, totally new in Finland. Many of the brands have opened their first stores here and we’ve also launched Garden Room, a gallery space for up and coming designers, who would have less of a chance to show or test their brands anywhere else.

The design is a story of itself, give us more on it!

– The interior is designed by really good local office Futudesign together with Lindroos Architects. The idea was to fade the idea of the shopping center to replace it with the idea of a covered piazza. We aim for the open, comfortable space, where the idea of the public and private space is mixed.

Which menswear and lifestyle brands is not to be missed there?

– Nomen Nescio, EnHats, Arela, and Samuji.

What are your future plans with Garden?

– To build an active group around it and involve everybody from the designers to the stylists, customers, photographers etc. as it needs to be a place that people feel comfortable with.

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 33, Helsinki

Caliroots open new special retail space A while ago, Caliroots closed down their three existing Stockholm stores (Caliroots OG, Six Feet Down and C-Store) and has now opened a 200 square meter flagship, only a few blocks away. The new space will present a carefully curated selection of their entire product roster in an innovative, high-end setting.

Tucked away on a side street, just steps from the luxury boutiques on Biblioteksgatan and Stureplan, the new store is designed by acclaimed architecture firm Boys Don’t Cry (who’s previously created their exceptional Gothenburg store). As an update on the latter, it offers a super-omnichannel concept, designed to give the customer the ultimate shopping experience by bridging together the online with the offline. The brand mix will include high-end and contemporary brands such as Wacko Maria, Marni, Needles, Undercover, Heron Preston, Helmut Lang, APC, Porter, and Engineered Garments mixed with streetwear staples such as Stüssy, Polar Skate Co, Carhartt, Pleasures, and The North Face. Last but not least, of course, top-tier sneaker collections from the likes of Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Asics, and Vans.

What do you feel is so special about your new space?

– When we created this new concept, we said we wanted to bring the eclectic mix from our online store to the brick and mortar store world, says Co-founder Andreas Koschnike. Our previous stores where very niched and clean in its offerings, while we now go total opposite. Still hand-picked and carefully curated, but again a mix of the best. We will also release some capsule collections and collabo items done together with Bowery, Stugazi, and Chinatown Market.

Which Nordic brands should we keep an extra eye on?

– The brand list has been slightly updated with many Japanese brands but also some from here like Adnym Atelier and Our Legacy, – and there’s a capsule collection in all black by Rains.

Address: Lästmakargatan 5, Stockholm

A very special speaker with artwork by David Lynch Danish Bang & Olufsen have just released a new collaboration with the cult-classic director, screenwriter, actor, artist, and musician David Lynch. The collaboration introduces a special edition speaker collection with artwork by the iconic artist. It features selected images and details from the ”War Between the Shapes” series, works on paper created in the 1970s, and from the ”Paris Suite” lithographs created in 2007 at the renowned Idem studio.

– I’m honoured to be part of this special collaboration. Bang & Olufsen has always been known for great sound and great design, says Lynch.

The collection debuted in conjunction with a Bang & Olufsen pop-up at MoMA Design Store, Soho in New York City, from October 10 to November 11.

– MoMA has a long history of working with David Lynch, and a number of Bang & Olufsen objects are in The Museum’s permanent collection. Because of these connections, it was a natural fit for MoMA Design Store to premier this unique collaboration, says MoMA Design Store Director of Merchandising, Emmanuel Plat.

The special edition includes a very limited number of the iconic Beoplay A9, a powerful music streaming system, and Beosound Shape, a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers. Designed to enhance the audio experience both inside and outside of the home, it also includes Beoplay M5, a powerful, wireless speaker with True360 Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that seamlessly connects spaces in multiple rooms. Last but not least is the special version of Beoplay P2, a truly personal and fully portable speaker, with rich, full-bodied sound and smart-connect features activated with a tap or a shake.

After a two-year research project: Filippa K drop two industry-changing garments in a new line of jackets The ”Circular Design Speeds” project was initiated by Mistra Future fashion together with University of Arts London. These garments are the latest of Filippa K’s Front Runners series: designing products that inform more sustainable future of fashion. Using innovative methods of production, they have succeeded in creating a commercial coat that is 100% recycled and recyclable, and a concept dress that is 100% bio-based and biodegradable.

Filippa K teamed up with industry partners to improve manufacturing processes and reduce environmental impact working towards a sustainability commitment for 2030. The results and garments were presented at a launch event at the University of Arts, London, last weekend.

Together with Mistra Future Fashion, Filippa K presented the results and products from the two-year research project, ”Circular Design Speeds”, at an exhibition named ”Disrupting Patterns”. Part of the brand’s Front Runners (pieces designed as sustainably as possible from start to finish) this process has included researching, developing, and testing new strategic forms of sustainable design for garments that complete the circular fashion loop. Filippa K has succeeded in their goal of gaining ecological insights which can be implemented in a real industry context in an effort to increase awareness of the environment within fashion. With a focus on products’ length of use and maximizing fabric value retention, they remain dedicated to becoming fully circular, and much more sustainable, by 2030.

– Being part of the fashion industry comes with many challenges, especially when considering the fact that we are the second most polluting industry after oil. Our industry needs to change and we believe adopting to circular models, like nature’s ecosystem, is one important solution. We want to be able to offer beautiful clothing and to make business within the planetary boundaries, says Elin Larsson, Sustainability Director.

The result of the project when it comes to menswear is The Eternal Trench Coat: 100% Recycled and Recyclable.

Consulting the expertise of recycling company Wolkat, it uses recycled polyester from plastic bottles to support a garment that is built to last for a decade or longer, and can then be recycled into reusable materials (for the fashion industry again). The dyeing process from We aRe SpinDye creates a colour that stays vibrant for longer than the traditional method and reduces water usage by 75% and chemical usage by 90%. This closes the loop within a technical cycle that reduces waste and the need for new materials in the industry.

– Being involved in the Front Runners project means that we can continue to further fuel the revolution the fashion and apparel industry is going through and, together with Filippa K, be on the path of being true change-makers in the industry, says Jonas Wiehager, We aRe SpinDye.

Global audio success drop a new speaker – and join forces with rising rap star in a brand initiative for creative minds Zound Industries have brought a wide range of audio products from Scandinavia to the world, including the Marshall speakers and Urbanears headphones. The Marshall Kilburn II offers +20 hours of durable playtime and even though the weight is only 2.5 kg, it is the loudest speaker in its class. It produces a clear midrange, deep bass and extended highs that is being described as unrivalled for a speaker this size, and its multi-directional sound is built to you in your music, indoors or out. Its flush-mounted corner caps and water-resistant design make it supremely rugged and durable, as well as able to withstand even the longest days on the road.

The sister company Urbanears launch their new collaboration within ”Listen to yourself”, a new brand initiative for creative minds who listen to their inner voice and make this voice their guide.

Following successful cooperations with creators like world-renowned artist Tove Lo and photographer Arvida Byström, Urbanears has now chosen to work together with rapper and artist, Joy M’Batha. After her big breakthrough in 2014, she’s been one of Sweden’s biggest rappers and received a lot of attention for her unique appearance, her cocky attitude and explosive shows on stage. After some intense years in Stockholm, Joy moved back to her hometown, Malmö, to catch her breath and reflect. Art and painting, which had been a major part of her childhood, became her new way of expressing herself and her creativity.

– Creating has always been my way of processing what I’ve gone through. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s art. I am not doing it for anyone else. I am just myself, and I have always been. To me, that is exactly what Listen to yourself is all about, she says.

As part of the Listen to yourself campaign, Joy has expressed her unique artistry and creativity by painting on Urbanears’ speakers and headphones, including Plattan 2 Bluetooth, Stammen, and Baggen. Through this collaboration, Urbanears, along with Grammy-nominated director Nicolina Knapp, has produced a film that takes you into Joy’s creative universe, which is characterized by strong self-confidence and complex boundlessness. This month, Joy is also releasing an EP with four new songs in English, and in January 2019, she will take the stage for a new Sweden tour. &