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”The backpack from the 90s” relaunched — together with trail guides to Stockholm, London, and Berlin

”These launches are kind of a microcosm of the times as people are not just urban or just outdoors, they are more hybrids”, says Haglöfs’ Rasmus Järvinen.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs was founded in Torsång, Dalarna in 1914 when Wiktor Haglöf made  the first stitch in a backpack. Commited to both innovation and sustainability, they have continued to  create progressive outdoor  products at the highest level  for hiking, mountaineering,  and freeriding.

— It’s been our mission to inspire people to get out there, says Rasmus Järvinen, Business Area Manager Hardware & Footwear.

Following their recent Très Bien collab, they now relaunch the TIGHT range of bags.

— It is 26 years since it was launched and we still see some of the originals from 1993 in nature and in the city, says Järvinen.

— It was originally launched in a very special way with exclusivity and limited amount of packs. It immediately became a success and many Scandinavians remember it as the backpack in the 90s. We’ve had it in the range ever since in different colors and executions. It has always served as the owner’s most versatile backpack; might they be a climber, biker, skier, or hiker. We have interviewed people who have owned several TIGHT backpacks during the years and asked what makes them buy the same backpack decade after decade. The answer always becomes: ”it looks good, it allows me to do several different activities, it is comfortable, and it is durable”.

How come that you relaunch it now?

— We have been discussing the re-launch for many years and waited for the right moment. We wanted to allow for a nostalgic trip for all those Scandinavians born in late 70s and early 80s who were hankering for a neon colored backpack. Now it is their kids that can continue that journey.

With the relaunch of TIGHT, Haglöfs looked at the different types of consumers and the way in which people used the backpacks. They noticed that versatility was a key factor. People would not only use the backpacks in nature, hikes and outdoors, but also in their daily lives. With the new TIGHT hiking guides, they looked to show that adventure does not need to be an expedition to the highest mountain.

— They are intended to be inspiration for day hikes and excursions around Berlin, London and Stockholm that can allow you to get back in time for the evening nightlife, says Järvinen. We took the insights of our TIGHT consumers and created hikes to complement their daily lives and hopefully inspire some to get out there. Cities have some pretty amazing nature around them, you just need to go for it, says Järvinen, continuing,

— TIGHT and the trail guides are kind of a microcosm of the times. The lines between fashion and outdoors are really starting to overlap and blend. We see more and more people focusing on health and the outdoors as key priorities in their lives. People are not just urban or just outdoors, they are more hybrids.

A Très Bien collab right before the summer and now this relaunch. What’s next?

— For next spring, we’re putting a company-wide focus on light and faster trekking which is very much ”the thing” at the moment. The full range, top to toe, is focused on doing shorter and faster adventures with light — but not too light — gear, says Rasmus Järvinen.

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