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”The atmosphere of a space is in many ways more important than how ’instagrammable’ it is”

Kinfolk and Norm Architects’ new book features 25 interiors from around the world that has been created with a special attention to all the human senses.

Words: Johan Magnusson

In The Touch, beautiful homes, hotels, museums, and retail stores — from contemporary designs by Ilse Crawford and Bijoy Jain to classic cases by Arne Jacobsen and Le Corbusier — open their doors. They invite readers to explore how elements such as light, nature, materiality, color, and community can deliberately bring us back to our senses and imbue every day with a richer quality.

— The book is essentially a book on interiors and architecture that has been created with a special attention to all the human senses, says Norm Architects’ Co-founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. In a time where the sight has become a hegemonic sense in our culture, we felt a need to advocate that architecture and interior design should focus just as much on how spaces feel as how they look. The atmosphere of a space is in many ways more important than how ”instagrammable” it is. We wanted to create an inspiring coffee table book that had depth to it and tried to explain about a phenomenological approach to design in a non-academic manner.

Why was Kinfolk the perfect partner when creating it?

— We have had a long time friendship with Kinfolk and collaborated on editorial matters, photography and the design of their gallery space in Copenhagen. Through many years of conversation, the topic of spaces created for the senses have been recurring. So the book project evolved naturally. Kinfolk had the expertise of editing and publishing and we had the practical experiences of creating spaces — so we complemented each other well, I believe.

And after this, what’s next?

— We have many new projects in the pipeline. We are working on private residences, retail, office spaces and hospitality projects throughout the world, in Scandinavia, Southern Europe, the US, Japan and China. The same goes for product design, where we are currently working for design brands in all the same places, says Bjerre-Poulsen.