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Streaming service for climate action expects 100,000 participants in ”climate roar” in Oslo today

The day after Greta Thunberg arrived to New York after sailing across the Atlantic, the entire Norway follows her path. We speak to one of the organizers of The Climate Roar.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Andreas Slettvoll actually comes ”from the dark side” and used to be head of legal at a Russian oil company.

— You don't really go darker than that, he declares.

He started CHOOOSE a little bit more than two years ago, not necessarily as a redemption story, but using what he learned in the industry to achieve the exact opposite thing.

— I truly believe that if are to stand a chance we need to make cleaning up the mess we’ve created must be an even bigger business than what polluting has been the last 150 years.

His company is a streaming service for climate action where your monthly fee goes directly to CO2-reducing efforts globally. They put great value on being able to engage everyone to take real action, and fiercely reject the negative framing and shame-culture we see in connection with climate.

CHOOOSE was the first-ever Nordic company to be ranked a top 10 global startup by Sir Richard Branson and Extreme Tech Challenge (Einride from Sweden was the second) and recently raised more than $4 million in a seed round to accelerate the carbon-reducing efforts at an even larger scale across the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Today they team up with ”The Climate Roar” in Oslo and all over Norway.

— They combine reality with a catchy twist and have been able to really rally people and companies to stand up and say what they mean. In a loud way. The louder the better, as CHOOOSE will reduce as many tonnes of CO2 as the decibel meter shows when people are roaring.

Oslo is the Europan Green Capital for 2019. Do you think that they deserve it? Or not?

— Oslo has undergone a lot of changes recently, ranging from almost a car-free city center to way better cycling infrastructure and public transport, so I guess it is deserved, says Slettvoll, continuing: That said, I still think there’s too much focus on what individuals do wrong, rather than addressing, for instance, the daily cruise ships that spew out more pollution than 1000s of cars.

What more do you have coming at CHOOOSE?

— Recently, as a global first-mover, launched a membership for captured carbon, where people can contribute to carbon being captured from thin air. In other words, we are accelerating the solutions presented in Ice on fire, the new documentary created by Leonardo DiCaprio. We think that’s quite cool and at scale be an important addition. We are now serving people in more than 60 countries and are implementing our technology across several cool surfaces to empower everyone to address their carbon footprint in a smooth and transparent way. For the future, we will continue redefining climate action by combining real climate action with culture. Climate action can be fun and engaging, and we’ll never give up on that.