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Stockholm gets its own Meatpacking District and a quick sketch turned into a modern classic

Also more on Eytys’ new London store, the shoe brand’s spectacular Samsung collab, the exquisite capsule collection with bags made in Sweden, and how Fashion Week Stockholm will grow its importance in the years to come.


Stockholm gets its own Meatpacking District

The obvious meeting place for not only people living in the southern suburbs of Stockholm but also Stockholm as a whole, in terms of offices, residential units, dining, culture, and experiences. The vision is clear for the ”Slakthus” area – a new, dynamic and attractive city district which will be Stockholm’s answer to New York’s Meat Packing District or London’s Kings Cross.

– The aim of the new Slakthus area is for it to be an engine for the southern part of Stockholm, says Annica Ånäs, CEO of property owner Atrium Ljungberg.

Last week, a letter of intent was signed with the city of Stockholm for one of the Swedish capital’s largest urban development projects in modern times. The total investment amounts to some SEK 8 billion.

– Offices will consequently be designed in the city district to cater for both large, established companies as well as start-ups, Ånäs continues. Space will be provided for new business entrepreneurs and creators through, for example, YouTube studios, VR-Centre, a digital creator space, along with theatre, music and film production.

What will be the highlights for the Stockholmers in the new area?

– It will offer a rich cultural life with live music, theatre and street food markets. In addition to workplaces, restaurants, and cultural experiences, housing will be added to the area with a mix of both tenant-owned dwellings and rentals in a range of apartment sizes. Furthermore, we plan to offer a wide range of food, from street food to fine dining. We also want to maintain and further develop the area’s history when it comes to food artisanship with brewery, roasting, bakery, and charcuterie.

Construction start is scheduled for Q1 2021, and the work will last until 2030. With so many years away, will any parts of the area completed before?

– It will be expanded gradually until 2030 but large parts will be completed earlier. This applies to existing buildings, which are to be preserved and developed as well as the additional building. There will be a mix of restaurants, culture, and shops, but also workplaces and apartments, completed earlier than 2030. Our aim is to start working on temporary activation in culture and creative industries as soon as possible. We do this in order to bring culture to the area at an early stage, but also to make people aware of the place and its identity.

There are concerns that the already lively area, with several clubs and concert venues, will have to either move or limit the noise levels or the opening hours when the area will be filled with upper-middle-class people who don’t want to be disturbed at nights. What is your response to that?

– Our vision is to create a meeting place for food, culture, and experiences. Music and clubs are central elements in the development of this vision. It’s important to carefully plan where in the area you place different things in order to build a neighborhood that lives throughout all hours of the day.

A quick sketch turned into a modern classic

With Helsinki Design Week – the largest design festival in the Nordics – being in full swing (until September 16), we pay extra attention to a modern classic. The Laakso chair by Saku Sysiö for Finnish design house Made by Choice was originally just a quick sketch in his notebook, but Lasse Laine of Made by Choice wanted to make a prototype of the chair and it was launched in Milan two years later. Last year, it won ”Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” and this year, it’s included in the longlist for Dezeen Awards (Best furniture) and one of three finalists for Product of the Year at Helsinki Design Awards.

Laakso, which also means valley in Finnish, is the district in Helsinki where this chair was born. The soft and organic shaped dining chair is made of solid ash and with its U-shaped ”valley” as backrest gives safe ground for dinners and conversation battles.

Now there’s a whole product family growing around Laakso with the Helsinki design winner being announced next Wednesday.

P.A.P x Rasmus Wingårdh

With a solid background of twenty years in the Swedish fashion industry working with brands such as Filippa K, Baron bags, and Uniforms for the Dedicated, to name just a few, Rasmus Wingårdh is one of Sweden’s most celebrated designer focused on menswear and accessories.

His newest project is the special Fūtō line for Swedish leather label P.A.P. With the latter running their own factory in Gothenburg, working primarily in the minimalistic aesthetic segment, and later years with focus on sustainability, the meeting of P.A.P and Rasmus Wingårdh seams in retrospect as a match made in heaven.

– To me, P.A.P has always had its roots in something akin to origami, so my direct inspiration was to go to paper objects, specifically the envelope, Wingårdh says. The shapes where even prototyped in paper. I wanted as few seams as possible, and instead, try to create the objects by folding them. Together with the exceptional craftsmanship of P.A.P’s leatherworkers, we developed a timeless and to me unisex line of leather objects that carry the essence of the core values of P.A.P, yet at the same time feels modern and updated.

The collection will be available online and in selected stores this September.

”We’re in the right place at the right time”

All the time since launching their first line of footwear in 2013, Eytys’ plan has been to open their own London store. And yesterday they did, right next to the Palace store at 75 Brewer Street in Soho. The monochrome beige-coloured store is designed in-house and inspired by 70s and 80s’ postmodernism and Swedish 60s brutalism, not only carrying the acclaimed sneakers, shoes, and boots, but also the denim collection and a soon-to-launch unisex ready-to-wear collection.

– The brand evolves naturally as we change as people and we’ve been lucky to have a community around us who continuously check back in on what we are doing and support the collections, co-founder Max Schiller says to Vogue. And, luckily, since we own the brand, we don’t have to make compromises on creativity and development of new ideas. We’re in the right place at the right time. We’ve been making shoes for five years now and we’re lucky that the movement we are a part of continues to gain momentum and support.

Axel Arigato x Samsung

Coming together on a collaboration by the recognition that technology is shaping the future of fashion, Swedish sneaker label Axel Arigato new collab with tech giant Samsung is based on transparency, leaving little to the imagination.

Axel Arigato and Samsung took to this collection as the perfect symbolisation of new culture, seeming to show there is nothing to hide. Entailing a 5-piece, completely see-through collection made up of trousers, jacket, bag, shoes, and the Samsung Galaxy S9. Fronting the campaign is Teyana Taylor – who turned social media into a frenzy after being catapulted into the spotlight by Kanye West, alongside Korean supermodel, Wooseok Lee.

– As a fashion brand we are constantly inspired by the world surrounding us. Today we see transparency through a generation always online, technology has given power to a new mindset for everyone. As a result our aim is to embody this era into a number of see-through products placing the subject of transparency into a new light, says Max Svärdh, co-founder of Axel Arigato.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be fitted with a see-through back, showing the functionalities of the phone and branded by Axel Arigato and Samsung. The collection launches today in Axel Arigato’s London store, next Thursday in Stockholm and September 17 online.

”Quite often we hear from buyers and press that Scandinavian fashion is something their readers or end consumers want to see more of”

Another edition of Fashion Week Stockholm is finished, and we speak to commercial director Andreas Thiel, about a steady curve upwards with growing interest on sponsorships and partnerships in the past two years.

– There has been an incredible interest from companies who have wanted to get involved with Fashion Week Stockholm. I believe that a great deal of success comes from the fact that we have put a lot of effort into creating new concepts while trying to open up the platform for the public at multiple levels. For example, we could this year see a collaboration between Maxjenny and Specsavers, which was shown in a runway show at NK in Stockholm. We also see a big difference when it comes to the attention and spread of our partnerships, much thanks to the collaborations between them, but also through designers and influencers who together reach a lot of people.

And you’ve also launched new commercial concepts?

– Yes, in order to open up the opportunity for other kinds of industries to find a natural link to the week. I am thinking of Fashion Week Training – powered By Fashionablefit, which was launched with a workout at Grand Hotel. The interest in and for health, wellness and well-being grows and has a natural place during the fashion week and for the target audience attending it.

How will you work to develop Fashion Week Stockholm for the years to come?

– It’s the brands that make Fashion Week an attractive platform. Since one and a half year, we’ve seen an increase of more press and buyers coming to Stockholm, especially from US and Asia. The term ”Scandinavian Fashion” is regularly showing up, and we quite often hear from buyers and press that it is something their readers or end consumers want to see more of. We’re also building more international initiatives, like Swedish Fashion Now at the Swedish Institute in Paris. It is a sales and press meeting point, like an aperitif of what you can find in Sweden, that hopefully will attract more travelers to get here. And hopefully, more people want to come to visit for the main course… For upcoming season we will also work closer with other relevant events happening in Stockholm at the same time. The lifestyle and the experiences will be in focus.