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Stockholm’s hot spot filled with unique Nordic design and Moomin joins a new collab collection

Also more on the shirt celebrating Miles Davis’ ground-breaking album.


Stockholm’s hot spot filled with unique Nordic design Stockholm’s most central place to stay, Nordic Light Hotel, offers a true Norse ambiance. Even more now after an extensive renovation by a collective of 10 Nordic designers and well-known architect Todd Saunders and his friend John Tong.

– We believe they’ve created something out of the ordinary with respect to the Nordic form and design, says CEO David Bergling. Our hotel rooms are uncluttered yet warm and a place for rejuvenation. In contrast, our lobby with restaurant Lykke and Löjromsbaren is edgy, sharp and reflects the buzzy city life.

Tell us more about the renovation.

– All 669 rooms have been refurbished after a design by John Tong, the architect whose work has been exhibited in places such as MOMA in New York and the Design Exchange in Toronto. We’ve also launched a brand new restaurant concept and rebuilt the launch area and reception. A contemporary interpretation of Nordic design with the reputable and award-winning architect Todd Saunders in the lead who has won some of the world’s most prestigious awards, for work such as the renowned Fogo Island Inn. His distinctive, modern aesthetics at the Nordic Light Hotel reflects the region through material choices like wood and stone.

– Designing Nordic Light was all about using natural, locally sourced materials to create a unique design. The result is a space that celebrates traditional Scandinavian design through a distinctive, modern vernacular, Todd Saunders adds.

And you’ve filled the entire hotel with unique design pieces. Tell us more!

– To create a living Nordic expression, Saunders hired Studio Markus Bergström, who was commissioned to curate and handpick a team of Nordic architects and designers to furnish the space, says Bergling. Architects and nine different designers have together created an unpredictable overall ensemble of furnitures.

– I have looked back in time to get a better understanding of a Nordic expression that differs from the cannon we see around us today, not only in the north but around the world, and marketed as Scandinavian design, Markus Bergström says.

– He has hand-picked designers and manufacturers with local anchoring and worked with materials and crafts that have in some way been deduced into a Nordic context. The designers include Mats Theselius, who stands behind design classics like the National Geographic cabinet and the chair Brunosom for the Nordic Light Hotel designed leather armchairs for the lobby. Jenny Nordberg with a resume containing both the Wallpaper Annual Design Awards and All Interior Design Award has designed the restaurant’s light bulbs. The established architect and designer Johannes Norland is found among the selected prize-winners of both the Bruno Mathsson Prize and the Kasper Sallin Prize, whose modern vintage of classic Carl-Johan has been awarded to the hotel lobby. In addition, in the lobby, Fredrik Paulsen’s table with anodized aluminum base and Ölandssten shows among several unique creations by the other hand-picked designers. Tärnsjö Garveri, Stolsfabriken och Wood Stockholm are other names who we’ve worked closely together with, whose knowledge of quality and accuracy is reflected in all the new furniture.

– Manufacturers and designers worked very closely together, and in most cases, they worked with smaller factories and local producers, Markus Bergström continues. The fact that there is enormous knowledge about furniture production in Sweden is clear, but it is a nutrition that is about to reshape in order to survive in competition from the large multinational companies. Perhaps the kind of projects we do here, where everything is made specifically for us of very high quality, can be part of that conversion.

And a few words about the new restaurant?

– Lykke’s cuisine is a celebration of the Nordic region. We’re always setting the table with great respect to nature’s own variations and resources. The menu is an exploration of the border between culinary tradition and future. The bar Löjromsbaren is a treat for sophisticated thirst. Our seasoned sommeliers and bar staff guide through the Nordic cabinet. A carefully crafted “snaps” is probably going to be one of the recommendations at some stage of the evening. The bar also serves small dishes on roe – Löjrom is actually the name of the most appreciated and distinguished Swedish fish roe. But Lykke and Löjromsbaren is not just about flavors. It’s also what meets the eye. The visual identity draws the attention also of the most aesthetically aware.

What are your plans for this fall?

– Music is in our genes and inherited from when Nordic Light Hotel first launched in 2001 so it will be as prominent as the design and we are now planning to create a buzzy scene with live acts, trios and electro duos.

Wood Wood meets Moomin for Save the Children Wood Wood, Moomin and Save the Children have joined forces in a collaboration benefitting children in need. The three partners have created a small range of products for children and adults alike and all proceeds from the sales of the collection benefit the work of Save the Children. The Moomin universe meets Wood Wood’s sustainable Double A product range, where the Moomin characters interact with the Double A logo. Moomintroll, Snork Maiden and Little My all join the cause and are seen drifting on a cloud, parachute jumping with an umbrella and kicking a Double A patch around.

– I am so happy about the collaboration between Wood Wood and Moomin for Save the Children as it puts focus on those who are the most vulnerable and at the same time are our future, says Sophia Jansson, niece to the creator of Moomin Tove Jansson, who is Artistic Director at Oy Moomin Characters, Ltd. The Moomin stories often centre around those who need comfort and attention, and on how important it is that they are heard and seen, and ultimately treated nicely. Wood Wood shares those values, and I am so thankful they wished to include Moomin in their campaign.

The capsule consists of two kids T-shirts, a long-sleeved T-shirt as well as an adult unisex T-shirt and unisex hoodie, all kept in grey melange and white with red Moomin characters and made of organic cotton. The collection launches this Saturday in Wood Wood stores and online.

A shirt celebration of Miles Davis In 1958, Miles Davis released Milestones, an aptly-named album that would go on to influence generations of jazz musicians. Not only was the record ground-breaking; the album’s cover is hailed as one of the greatest of all time and makes as much of a statement as the music. Miles sits pitched against an amber brown background, relaxed with the trumpet in hand, gazing into the camera, looking oh so cool in a perfect green button-down shirt. The image made every clothes-conscious young man go hunting for a green shirt and transformed Miles Davis into a style icon. 60 years after the release of the record, Swedish fashion label A Day’s March, who recently expanded with a London outlet, pay tribute to the music and style of Miles Davis with their interpretation of his famous green shirt.