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Stenströms’ new 120th anniversary line is designed in cooperation with the world’s leading fabric suppliers

”White shirts will always stand the time”, says Creative Director Peter Jüriado about the fast-growing shirtmaker’s new, all-white jubilee collection.

Words: Johan Magnusson

The 21-pieces anniversary drop consists of only white garments, including men’s shirts, ladies blouses, and three children’s garments. They’re all a tribute to the integrity and knowledge of the tailor August Stenström.

— It’s made to be used everyday of the week. We’ve designed everything from a white denim shirt and a simple yet fashionable pop-over in ecological linen — which is my personal favourite — to a shirt with a special double cuff and nice tuxedo shirts with specially designed studs and cuff links, says Jüriado. The fabrics are designed in cooperation with the leading fabric suppliers of the world, using timeless yet fashionable garments, and manufactured to last for a long time. White shirts will always stand the time and timelessness is a keyword.


All Stenströms’ fabrics are produced in Europe according to strict European standards. The brand prefers them to be as natural as possible, not including any non-iron products in their collections.

— Instead, we work with two-fold fabrics that are soft, breathable and easy to iron, says Jüriado.

How sustainable is it?

— First of all, our shirts and blouses are long-lasting thanks to the the fabrics and the sewing being at the highest level. This means that you don’t have to buy as many garments. The weavers we’re working with are working in closed systems, purifying and recycling the water during the production. We use Supima and Gisa in our white 100% cotton fabrics. These two qualities are cleaner and require less handling.

Stenströms has a long tradition of heritage and craftsmanship, setting the product first with attention to every detail.

— This has helped our brand to be very well received on all marktes, both mature and new ones, We are growing with the independent retailers but also with selected department stores. We are a family business with long relationships with both suppliers and retailers, offering both fast deliveries and a good service, for example MTM to all our retailers. We think this is a good for the next 120 years and look forward to be around as a brand, says Jüriado, continuing,

— We have just finished the orders for SS20 collection and we can see that the demand for casual shirts in different fabrics are growing very fast. Linen shirts are peaking. We have also sold very well of our one-piece collar in interesting fabrics such as seersucker, bouclé yarn and piké. It has been an all time high season so far.