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Starting today, you can buy the new Swedish national team jersey — however, you have to earn it

Everyone who wears the shirt has to agree to a clear set of terms and conditions.


The new men’s national team jersey for Euro 2020, launched today, isn’t for just anyone. Due to the terms and conditions, supporters – just like the players – have to earn the right to wear it.

Three conditions apply. Firstly, to always play fairly and be a good supporter. Secondly, to promise to support the team through good times and bad. And finally, to welcome everyone into the team, regardless of background, orientation or anything that might be different to yourself.

After all, our differences make the difference.

— These terms and conditions may seem obvious. But unfortunately, a lot of adults seem to have forgotten what football is really about. The road to victory is through respect and fair play – and teamwork demands difference, says Qaroline Nähl, Nordic Brand Communications Manager at Adidas Football.

They, together with the Swedish Football Association, have introduced the terms. It takes a stand against a growing negative climate within the game, where threats to players, supporters, coaches, referees and other media profiles have become more and more common.

— Sadly we see intolerance, hate and threats becoming normalized in football. This jersey will act as a reminder of the fundamentals that are taught early at the most junior levels of the game – that we fight together as a team and always show respect towards one another. It is a reminder of what football is really about. Loving a team is about coming together and being there for one another through good and bad, explains Håkan Sjöstrand, General Secretary at the Swedish FA.

— I have always been proud to wear the Swedish jersey, but this year that takes on an even greater importance for me. Football is about love, and that is the message that comes with this jersey. Football unites and I look forward to fighting all the way to the European Championships together with the team and our supporters, says Alexander Isak, forward and rising star in the Swedish National Team.