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Soulland joins forces with Nike SB for third project, with a full imitated snake upper

This week’s capsule defines the Friday feeling of freedom, friendship and fun.


While 01 was focusing on Copenhagen and 02 looked to Los Angeles, 03 is all about Tokyo and the Japanese skateboard culture — with a strong link to the sneaker culture coming out of Tokyo.

— As a kid, I remember seeing a photography of my favorite pros sitting on a curb in Tokyo. They were not wearing skate shoes or any apparel from their sponsors at the time. They were wearing Nike sneakers in colorways that I had never seen before. Silver details, shiny colors and crazy materials. They were Jordan’s, Air Force 1s, Dunks and Blazers! That picture made me understand the connection between style, fashion and skateboarding! It really sparked my curiosity and opened my eyes for another world and new cultures not often portrayed in skateboard media. The picture shaped the kind of footwear I wanted and needed to be wearing when I was not skating. From there the hunt began! Skateboarding and the gravitation towards sneakers have, ever since then, defined my taste in shoes, says Soulland founder Silas Adler.

The collaboration focuses on the classic Nike Blazer silhouette, which was originally launched in 1973. Like with the other projects, Silas Adler’s take was very much about pushing the design as far as possible. The shoe is a full imitated snake upper with a Chenille swish on the back and a jewels swoosh with a mother of pearl finish. In addition, Soulland will release a silk shirt and a collection of hacked football jerseys.

The collaboration is exclusively launching in Japan with an installation at the iconic Mortar skate store, located in Shibuya, Tokyo. In Europe, the launch event will take place in the Soulland store in Copenhagen. The Blazer will also be available on the SNEAKRS app and in selected stores around Europe. Launch date: November 22. On a Friday, of course.

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