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Reinterpreting functional jackets into perfection and here’s the world’s most sustainable bar

Also more on the 2 star Michelin restaurant bringing the solo-eating trend to Scandinavia and the hyped place in Copenhagen transformed from an old warehouse into a 1000m² bar, cafeteria, and venue.


Reinterpreting functional jackets into perfection Snow covered mountains, city streets, and remote forest trails is all home to Peak Performance. Since founded in 1986, their mission has been to make active life easier. In order to do so, they offer something that nobody else does: uniting style and performance and create innovative apparel for a dynamic life on the move.

– Our products are defined by exceptional quality, style, and performance with a sustainable approach present in every step of the way. We are committed to making our beautiful planet last, says designer Andreas Eklöf.

For this fall, you went through your design archive together with Swedish hip-hop artists Fricky and Jireel, who also front your new campaign.

– We wanted to have personas that represent a mix of urban fashion, sport and personal style which we found in Fricky and Jireel, whom both embodies our Urban Lifestyle segment, says Eköf, and continues:

– The project started by looking at some old selective Peak Icons, technical drawings, and fabrics innovations. In the archive, we found some really inspirational pieces that have so much potential. The parka, the shell jacket, the down parka and the liner jacket to name a few. I mean, working with outdoor pieces for so long, have given us so much history, research, and knowledge.

Included in the FW18 collection is your line of X jackets, where selected classics have a new technical and aesthetic expression.

– Yes, four men’s jackets have been interpreted. They include X2 – a water-repellent down jacket in white – and X3 – a shorter rosewood jacket with removable hood. We thought about how every design aspect of garments we like fills a function and a purpose. Working this way we found out that we had so much unsolved questions and potential in the history of Peak itself. The history this company has, I didn’t really realize this until we started to explore our own archive. And now it feels so natural to see Fricky and Jireel wear the autumn’s selected X jackets.

The world’s most sustainable bar When the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Bar list was announced in London this Wednesday, they added the new Sustainable Bar Award to the contest.

Number 1 on the first list is Himkok in Oslo. Serving as a combination of cocktail joint, microdistillery, taptail, bar, brewery, and cider specialist, the eclectic venue has been consistently moving towards a more sustainable and local ethos. And yet honing its identity as a champion of Norwegian spirits and products. Up to 80% of the spirits used annually are made at the in-house distillery, a true laboratory where aquavit, gin and vodka are distilled and infused with seasonal ingredients, often with unique results. Not far from the bar are Himkok’s two microbreweries: Crow Bar, which specialises in local and organic beers and ales, and Eik & Tid, focusing on sour beers, including a special brew made with leftovers from cocktail preparation. Not content with this level of self-sufficiency, Himkok also makes its own wine, bitters, liqueurs and mead using exclusively Norwegian produce.

Under owner Erk Potur and bar manager Odd Strandbakken, Himkok got serious about minimising waste and has come up with inventive ways to reuse by-products from neighbouring businesses: artisanal cheesemakers provide Himkok with whey, while local surplus sourdough is used to infuse the spirits.

Himkok, located at Storgata 27 in the Norwegian capital, also took the 19th place in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2018

Transforming an old warehouse into a 1000m² bar, cafeteria, and venue Copenhagen’s new hyped place for the fall is, unsurprisingly, located in the vibrant Meatpacking area, right behind the central station. The old warehouse from 1953 has evolved into H15, a new open-to-public building, café, and bar (plus a grocery shop about to open), with organic food for low prices served from 10AM to midnight Tuesday-Sunday. Acclaimed by the leading local media, it’s described as ”a social interest” by one of the six owners, stationed next door to the world’s biggest supervised injection site. The area has been the shadiest part of the city – and still have Northern Europe’s greatest concentration of drug addicts – but now carries restaurant, bars, showrooms and more.

Address: Halmtorvet 15

2 star Michelin restaurant bringing the solo-eating trend to Scandinavia Eating alone is a new global trend and there are many reasons to do it: your friends don’t have time, you’re on a business trip, you might have it on your bucket list or you want to fight your fears and make it.

Oaxen, one of Scandinavia’s leading restaurant, now launch the new initiative Solo, where you go out to dinner by yourself, and at the same time get to meet new and interesting people. The courses are their own interpretation of Nordic bistro food: deliciously uncomplicated dishes that can be shared with others. The food is characteristically Nordic with exciting raw ingredients sourced from local suppliers, striving to create genuine Nordic tastes using organic ingredients.

– We hope to see a great mix of people, I think that’s part of the strength in the concept, says co-founder Agneta Green.

The premier night is tonight, and Oaxen Solo is available for bookings every Friday 6PM and 9PM.