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Premium slipper brand offers an answer to the predicament of Swedish indoor barefoot culture

Inabo’s vision is to create beautiful yet comfortable indoor shoes equally suitable for entertaining as for solitary relaxation.

Interview: Johan Magnusson

Founders Sofia Jansson and Ludvig Lindberg have come a long way since the start, less than one year ago.

— We started working on the idea while struggling to find good-looking but still comfortable slippers to wear indoors, the duo says.

Sofia has a solid PR and marketing background from Parsons School of Design and working for Vogue, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang in New York and started the process of product development and building the brand. Ludvig, being Sofia’s boyfriend and living under the same roof, slowly but surely started to realize that perhaps it was time for him to upgrade his desk at the Stockholm based law firm and follow his dream into a more creative industry.

— Together we make a strong team — both in and out of the office — where Sofia shapes our casually decadent identity and Ludvig adds rationality and sound business judgement to the table.

Inabo Sofia Jansson Ludvig Lindberg As mentioned, Inabo offers an answer to the predicament of Swedish indoor barefoot culture, where you’re supposed to take off your shoes when coming over for dinner at a friend’s place. The duo aims to create beautiful yet comfortable indoor shoes equally suitable for entertaining as for solitary relaxation.

— The idea is that the brand should reflect the inside of our own home with vibrant colours and a sort of feeling of playfulness and ”more is more” rather than the traditional Scandinavian austerity. Our more holistic idea with Inabo, besides making beautiful slippers, is to encourage people to slow down, to stay in and to value me-time or you-and-me-time over screen time. We suggest that you match your shoes with the art hanging on your walls and add some decadence to your everyday life at home.

In their design process, the duo’s mainly inspired by contemporary art, mid-century design and architecture.

— We work together with a small, family run factory outside of Porto, Portugal and the slippers are made entirely by hand. Making slippers primarily for indoor use allows us to work with very supple and soft materials. The most important part during the product development has been our insole which is constructed from no less than seven separate elements to allow maximum comfort without compromising the way it looks, says Lindberg and Jansson.

How sustainable are they?

— Our main effort to maintain sustainable is to move away from the traditional seasonal collections and instead slowly add new styles and change colour ways of our existing products. We believe that the throwaway mentality needs to change and therefore our shoes are made to last for a long time. When it comes to sourcing of materials we only use suppliers who comply with EU’s REACH Regulation. We keep a tight dialogue with both our suppliers and our manufacturer in order to find innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, the duo says, continuing,

— As we started out we first said that we should only work with vegetable tanned leathers and that the entire supply chain should be environmentally friendly. Then came reality. In order to make soft and also colorful slippers we realized that vegetable tanned leathers were unfortunately not an option at this point. But we are hearing that the tanneries are starting to get with the times and work on developing more environmentally friendly processes. So there is definitely hope for the future in shoe making.

The brand has just presented their AW19 campaign by stylist Linnéa Salmén and photographer Fanny Rådvik.

— Since we don’t work with seasonal collections we need to keep feeling inspired and create new material. The campaign is inspired by Dutch 17th century still life paintings and also Italian artist Giorgio Morandis more modern take on the theme. The idea behind the pictures is to create a small glimpse of an indefinable, artistic and fun person’s home.

Inabo W Slider Saffron Radvik 1 Styling: Linnéa Salmén Photography: Fanny Rådvik

What’s next for you?

— We are continuously perfecting our existing styles and also working on new ones. Right now we are looking in to working with new materials, such as shearling and fabric, which has been highly requested.

The slippers are available through as well as a few selected retailers around the world.

— They will be available at Gothenburg lifestyle store Vallgatan 12 as of this month. We really like their combination of fashion and interior design.