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The Key Piece

”Our Nomad Parka is the first trench coat I would actually consider going hiking in”

Houdini recently made their own second-hand assortment available online. And, just like the brand itself, their spring key piece is next level in terms of sustainability. Plus, somewhat surprisingly, also works great for bike commuting.

Words: Johan Magnusson

From the beginning, Houdini’s basically a group of friends from Sweden determined to change the outdoor industry.

— We realized a long time ago that textiles is a dirty business and we have spent the last 25 years creating sustainable alternatives, says Olle van Keppel, Head of PR & Communications.

What’s your key piece for this spring?

— I would say it’s the Nomad Parka, because it’s stands out both from an aestethics and performance standpoint. That’s obviously our goal with every product, but the Nomad takes it one step further. It’s the first trench coat I would actually consider going hiking in.

Tell us about the fabrics.

— Well, there’s only one. And that’s the beauty of this product. It’s simply a super fine sheet of weather protection that you almost forget you’re wearing. The fabric itself is called C9 Ripstop and is primarily made from recycled polyester and utilizes a fluorocarbon free DWR-treatment. That means though not waterproof, water pearls off the coat — keeping you dry through lighter showers. With it also being ultra breathable, it dries up super duper quickly which is lovely on longer hikes.


How sustainable is it?

— It’s made for our circular garment system, meaning it’s made with fibers that are both recycled (70%) and recyclable (100%). That, paired with the mentioned fluorocarbon free DWR-treatment makes it a good option for the conscious consumer.

How would you wear it?

— You could wear it with sneakers, jeans and a sweatshirt as well as part of a proper summer hiking outfit, says van Keppel. Somewhat surprisingly, it also works great for bike commuting thanks to the front hem being cut slightly longer than the back to offer both weather protection while maintaining freedom of movement. The tip of the collar also hides a small magnetic button that lets you fold it up as protection from cold winds when pedaling.

houdini-nomad-parka-spring-summer-2020 houdini-nomad-parka-spring-summer-20

What else do you have coming?

— Besides continuing to launch Houdini in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve recently made our second-hand assortment available online, which is exciting. Our retail philosophy is based on the notion that you should always have access to Houdini product — without necessarily owning it. Rental, subscription and second-hand are already part of our business and we plan on pushing that aspect of the company even further in the coming years.

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