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Our dinner with Tretorn and Nigel Cabourn in Florence

We invited our international press colleagues to celebrate the new Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn collab.


Justus Hansen & Nigel Cabourn

LM3 6484-1 Fredrik Ekström, Tretorn, Luca Ibimbino, Fucking Young Fredrik Ekström, Tretorn & Luca Ibimbino, Fucking Young

LM3 6530-1 Kirsty McGregor, Drapers Kirsty McGregor, Drapers

LM3 6787-1 Konrad OLsson Christopher Morency *Konrad Olsson & Christopher Morency *

LM3 6544-1 Jamie Macrae, Fantastic Man Jamie Macrae, Fantastic MAN

LM3 6640-1 Jamie Waters, Monocle, Fredrik Ekström, Tretorn Jamie Waters, Monocle & Fredrik Ekström

LM3 6663-1 Måns Henrik Uhrweder, Tretorn Sophie Cabourn Måns Henrik Uhrweder & Sophie Cabourn

LM3 6497-1 Ben Crudgington, Drapers Ben Crudgington, Drapers

LM3 6520-1 4 Leoni 4 Leoni

LM3 6458-1 Kaijiro Masuda Kaijiro Masuda

LM3 6550-1 Nigel Cabourn Nigel Cabourn

LM3 6739-1 Kirsty McGregor, Drapers Kirsty McGregor

LM3 6756-1 Jamie Ferguson Johanna Wikstrand Gartmyr Jamie Ferguson & Johanna Wikstrand Gartmyr, Tretorn

LM3 6714-1 Henrik Bergström, Jonas Bergström Henrik Bergström & Jonas Bergström