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Online art gallery and curated interior retail platform come together for Christmas market

…and five of Denmark’s finest join forces for special Holiday Market. Plus: a 783 m2 two-storey new menswear destination


Online art gallery and curated interior retail platform come together for Christmas market Online art gallery The Ode To was launched last spring and curate carefully selected artworks, made by predominantly female artists. They work with emerging artists to create one-of-a-kind artworks but to reasonable prices.

– We find most of our own inspiration in the digital creative community, but we struggled to find that artistry represented in the real world, says Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins, founders of The Ode To. We are an alternative to mass-production and traditional art galleries through carefully selected artworks by emerging artists. We put an emphasis on offering pieces that few others have, in various interesting materials ranging from glass sculptures to printed textile and original drawings.

TypeO is an interior design studio and retail platform for curated objects for the home, catering to a style-conscious crowd with a taste for unique interior design.

– We founded TypeO to provide the Scandinavian market with handpicked and unique objects and brands new to the region, says Co-founder Micha van Dinther. Many of the items that we sell are made by independent manufacturers, craftsmen, and designers, available in small numbers. We hand pick designs that we like, based on our own style, which is highly inspired by our own exposure to many different cultures, countries, and lifestyles, but with a Nordic aesthetic.

Together with vintage dealer Temporärt, they’ve opened LUX – a different Christmas market, in central Stockholm.

– Our three brands have similar aesthetics and complementing products, so we thought it’d be nice to create a small world together for this very special holiday, Carlberg and Lukins says.

– The space is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Swedish Christmas market, a tradition with a medieval heritage, van Dinther says. The Christmas stall, hatch and all, has received a new, deconstructed look and the ancient custom of hanging the Christmas tree upside-down has been reintroduced. Visitors are met by a luminous environment that has also served as inspiration to the name LUX. The temporary retail space aims to offer a serene shopping experience in the midst of holiday stress. The selection, which includes vintage furniture pieces, artworks, and interior items, inspires more mindful consumption as all items are designed to last, both in quality and style. The market also offers visitors a chance to get aquatinted with all our product ranges, which are normally only available online.

Which Nordic art names should we keep an extra eye on?

– We have a very biased infatuation for Norwegian Lillian Tørlen, who makes the most remarkable sculptural ceramic vases that seemingly drop, lean and melt, says Carlberg and Lukins, adding,

– Designer Joakim Nyström makes wooden artworks with hand-carved patterns giving a three-dimensional effect and we haven’t seen anything quite like them before. Another of our artists is Tufva Design who makes graphical ceramic sculptures that are both playful and strict. We also tend to keep an eye on what Malou Palmqvist, Fanny Ollas, Anton Alvarez, Emeli Höcks, Emma Bernard and Lina Scheynius do. Just to name a few.

– For interior and design, it’s, definitely, southern Swedish designer and artist Jenny Nordberg – those mirrors, made using a thin layer of silver, are a real collector’s item, van Dinther states. We also really appreciate ceramist Alexandra Nilasdotter’s architectural pieces, and the work she is doing for newly launched Normal Object Factory. We were also recently introduced to architectural duo Förstberg & Ling’s marble stool – a very promising first venture into product design. We had the pleasure of showcasing it in our temporary hotel room interior created in collaboration with Form/Design Center in Malmö.

What will we see from you next?

– We have a very long list of artists that we’d like to collaborate with as well as some exciting product developments of our own, so there will be an array of artworks in great materials to come. We’re also looking into adding a few new markets for The Ode To. Plus, we’ll celebrate our first birthday next year, we still count our age in months, says Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins.

– We are currently preparing for an eventful 2019, with several temporary physical manifestations of TypeO popping up in different parts of Sweden. We will launch our own line of products under the TypeO brand in the near future. Production and materials will be sourced in Sweden in a bid to be as sustainable as we can and also encourage appreciation of craftsmanship and longevity, says van Dinther.

LUX is open Wednesday-Sunday until Christmas at Temporärt Studio Space at Kronobergsgatan 9 in Stockholm. More (in Swedish) on Facebook. &

…and five of Denmark’s finest join forces for special Holiday Market This weekend, for the second consecutive year, TOTEM COLLECTIVE, Kinfolk, Rue de Tokyo, Aure Studio, and FRAMA are co-hosting a Holiday Market in the FRAMA Studio Store in Copenhagen.

Everybody behind each brand are all connected in the inner circle of Copenhagen. They want to bring together a collective creative energy in the city, to curate a selection of holiday gifting options for people to shop and experience each brand’s universe and products.

The products are ranging from FRAMA’s natural St. Pauls Apothecary care products and accessories, clothing and posters from Aure Studio, leather bags and posters from TOTEM COLLECTIVE, refined essential clothing from Rue de Tokyo and book selections from Kinfolk.

Address: Fredericiagade 57, 1310 Copenhagen Time: 11:00 – 17:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

A 783 m2 two-storey new menswear destination Located at the renovated Gallerian mall in central Stockholm, menswear retailer Brothers has opened their largest store to date.

– It contains all the good stuff that we have to offer: casual wear on the top floor and suits downstairs including our acclaimed made to measure concept, says Marketing Director Oscar Arrsjö. But there’s more to it. Our handpicked staff is trained to deliver on Brothers USP: to provide our customers with all the clothes, guidelines and confidence needed to present themselves in the best possible way on any occasion. That’s why we believe it’s just to call it Stockholm’s new destination for men’s style.

You recently reported an increase in online sales by 118%, yet still opening this flagship. What will be your future focus – online or offline?

– We will continue to put great effort and pride in serving our customers where and when they want to be served. Sometimes it’s online. Sometimes they want to be personally taken care of. So the answer is that our future is both, and that’s why it looks so bright.

What’s not to be missed in your new space?

– Make sure to check out our brand new addition to the made to measure concept – accompanying suits, blazers, coats, and trousers: shirts. Get the perfect fit and choose between 250+ fabrics from the world’s finest weavers, monogrammed and all, at a friendly price. It’s never been easier to look great! Arrsjö states.

Address: Hamngatan 37 in Stockholm