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One of the world’s leading premium outdoor brand launching unbreakable jacket and designer boxes made of 100% polypore fungus

+ the world’s fastest skateboarder joins cold brew coffee startup to show the beauty of nature, and the new body lotion from the best beauty company that never existed.


One of the world’s leading premium outdoor brand launching unbreakable jacket

The story of Haglöfs began in 1914 when founder Wiktor Haglöfs launched his very first, home-sewn, backpack to the local foresters in the small village of Torsång in the Dalarna region in Sweden. Today, they’re specialized in creating performance clothing and equipment for most outdoor activities, from light valley walking to mountain climbing in the harshest conditions.

– We are recognized for our sensibility of craftsmanship, reliability, and attention to detail, as Carsten Unbehaun, CEO, summarize it.

The last few years has seen you developing rapidly on many different levels. How would you describe this journey?

– We’ve taken several measures to increase brand awareness and relevance among our consumers, as to strengthen its brand position in a global, and highly competitive outdoor market. We have launched a new brand platform, initiated our e-commerce business, established our own retail business, pushed sustainability even higher up on the agenda, and set out to grow the brand internationally, just to mention a few. We have also made countless operational improvements during these past few years, which have paid off in a well- organised, structured, profitable and healthy company. It’s been a tough, but fun and very rewarding journey so far. And we are not done yet, we have many more exciting things coming within short, Unbehaun states.

The launch of your brand new V series Raw Anorak is a major one. What makes it so unique?

– Haglöfs has become renowned for using cutting-edge innovation and technology to make premium outdoor gear. To push our boundaries even further, we have launched the stand-alone product concept V series – showcasing the cutting-edge innovation that's a part of Haglöfs' DNA.

– V series Raw Anorak is a jacket that is stark in its fundamental elements and in a way is an attempt to revisit the basic composition of a garment but in a very modern way. The Vectra yarn holds together recycled fabric like reinforced glass. It wraps you in protection but ensures sustainability is sewn into the jacket’s DNA. The Anorak feels like it’s from another era but is built from the materials that are on the cutting edge of what is possible. It’s honest in that it’s pure and free from pigmentation and dyeing. It’s raw, that’s why it is white.

What will see from you looking onward to the future?

– We will keep building performance garments and equipment that will push the limits of what is possible, from a performance, design and sustainability point of view. You can expect to see products that have a deep connection to our Swedish roots and that will enable our consumers to experience the outdoors with even higher levels of comfort and protection.

The world’s fastest skateboarder joins cold brew coffee startup to show the beauty of nature

Swedish coffee beverage company Mode Cold Brew’s founders got tired of sweetened and chemical energy drinks. With seed capital from their friend and fellow cold brew lover Tim ”Avicii” Bergling the duo spent months with top baristas to develop Mode, made of all organic specialty coffee that’s cold brewed in Swedish water overnight. Containing no sugar, sweeteners or artificial additives, it still holds 190 mg natural caffeine meaning that one bottle equals 2-3 shots of espresso, but with low acidity making it easier on your stomach, teeth, and breath. Cold brewing enhances the natural flavours of the arabica coffee and offering a new coffee experience.

They’ve now joined forces with Erik Lundberg, world record holder as the world’s fastest on a skateboard in 2016, in a new campaign that portraits his surfing lifestyle in Stockholm and the amazing nature that surrounds it. Erik lives and works in Stockholm, where occasionally, he takes a break from his job in the city center to go out surfing south of the city, returning to the city full of energy.

– The incredible energy I get after a few hours or days in the nature is just priceless and I want more people to realise this. To invest in oneself and take a break from all stress and then get back with pure energy that allows your to perform even better, says Erik.

– If we can show you about people like Erik, who manages to include such a unique thing as surfing in his busy city lifestyle, we hope to inspire other people to take the time to do what they really love and get out and enjoy nature more, says Co-founder and Marketing Director Sean Eriksson.

Designer boxes made of 100% polypore fungus

Jennie Adéns design is based on the principle ”dig where you stand” and she often uses and experiments with local raw materials such as wood, elk leather, and wool, everything collected from a small area in the woods of the Värmland area in Sweden.

Her new Polypore boxes, which just hit design store Crooked Concept, are made of 100% polypore fungus that are picked from dead trees in the forest. It’s mixed with water to get a pulp that is pressed against molds left to dry, making all of the boxes unique. The color depends on what type of polypore the box is made of. A technique developed by the designer herself.

Berg & Berg launching their first ever outerwear collection

For the Swedish-Norwegian menswear's first line of coats, they’ve developed garments with a full, flattering fit, a good drape, and – what they consider as – the perfect length. The coats – one raglan coat and one polo coat – are crafted in Puglia, Italy and the cloths come from the best suppliers in the business – Fox Brothers, Harris Tweed, and Colombo.

New body lotion from the best beauty company that never existed

An organic, smooth lotion with a lingering, sexy and soothing scent of violet. Shoe label Eytys’ playful capsule collection Purple Velvet now also comes to life in a Midnight Special Body Lotion. Together with Swedish high-end skincare and perfume house Björk & Berries, they’ve created the fictional company Purple Velvet, inspired by the aftermath of the 80’s fitness and beauty fever. Vegan, but also fun and colourful, and of course with ”satisfaction guaranteed”. &