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Not your average teenager

After one entire, hectic day with Viktor Almind in Copenhagen, including his takeover at our Insta Story, we sit down with the rising Danish influencer for more on his thoughts about Fashion Week.

Words by Olivia Palmqvist

Viktor Almind is a 17 year old, soon to be eighteen, Copenhagen-based highschool student who’s hanging out with friends, playing Playstation and doing the ”typical” teenager-stuff. But besides that, he’s one of Denmarks biggest men’s fashion influencers.

What do you think about Copenhagen Fashion Week?

— I love it! I like preparing the outfits, to see shows, and to meet the people you only meet at Fashion Weeks. The whole vibe is amazing. A plus is the crazy clothes! Yeah, you know everything includes it. I just love it!

What is your opinion about the Scandinavian menswear scene?

— To be honest, I’m not really a fan. Scandinavian fashion is very clean, but I would like to see it more crazy and colorful. The womenswear, especially in Copenhagen, is very creative with colors. Personally, I get more inspiration from other cities like London and Paris. I love the fashion in Paris, it’s are all very well put-together.

What have you been doing today?

— I started at 7DAYS’ show and after that I met up with Billie at Scandinavian MAN. Together we went to get dressed by MUF10, followed by Sunflower’s show. Directly after we went to MUF10’s show, the music was crazy good there! And for the last stop, we were at Soeren Le Schmidt’s show.

If you had to wear a piece from one of today’s shows for one week, what would it be?

— It would be a piece from Soeren Le Schmidt’s SS20 collection. I saw a pair of trousers, they were shifting from white to dark-blue. They were really sick. If I could add one thing, I’d choose a pair of the neon cowboy boots from Sunflower.

Do you see yourself as an influencer?

— Actually, I don’t like the word ”influencer”. I think it has a negative tone in it. Of course, I do influence people, I would like to see myself as someone who likes and are working with fashion. That is always my focus, not followers or money.

What do you get your inspiration from?

— I get my inspiration from the everyday-life. I can get it from my friends, social media channels, people on the streets. You know, I can find it everywhere.

What show is the best one so far?

— Soeren Le Schmidt, for sure. It was crazy! I loved the whole collection.

What are you wearing today?

— I wear my lovely Axel Arigato shoes, they are so sick! I combine the sneakers with a suit by Pseudonym, a new cool brand. My jewellery is mostly silver by Hanrej, Vibe Harsloef, and Maria Black.

Can you give me two highlights for the week?

— Yes! Me and my agency are hosting an event with Axel Arigato. I am also very excited about Euroman’s party. Besides those two, I look forward to go to some showrooms and meet up with old friends. It’s gonna be a crazy, amazing week.

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