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”No other day ruins both the environment and the industry as much as today”

A bunch of Nordic brands fight against Black Friday, premium haircare brand finally drops their skincare line, and Acne Studios present super-luxurious sweaters inspired by different Nordic countries.


Premium haircare brand finally drops their skincare line

Founders and owners Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing have built their success with Swedish premium beauty brand Lernberger Stafsing around a new generation of haircare, based on their knowledge from many years as hairdressers, stylists, and trend analysts.

– It’s set out to revolutionize the industry and regenerate beauty with superior results without harmful chemicals, Lernberger explains. Our ambition is to become more than our product – but part of a premium lifestyle with a strong and clear identity for our consumers to connect and engage with. To achieve this we are constantly evolving our world by feeding and nourishing our brand with values, activations, and communication that aspire on our vision, making us relevant, attractive, and a lifestyle experience. Lernberger Stafsing gives a wide audience access to the world of premium beauty as a sense of everyday luxury since everybody deserves to look and feel good about themselves.

Which are the bestsellers and your personal favourite products?

– All products are made in Sweden from our own recipes, unique, and impossible to copy. We’re making products out of heart, knowledge, and conscience. By focusing on both the inside and the outside we deliver products of the best possible quality for a discerning and modern person. We care about the inside ingredients effect on the environment and the body. The signature scent in all our For Men products is really something special; the notes from Oud, Nutmeg and Carnation seduce people every day. Broccoli Oil is a key ingredient in our products and the benefits from that oil is pure magic. It helps the scalp to be smooth and clean and the beard and mustache in its best shape.

You’ve just released your first skincare line. Give us more on that!

– We are devoted to the realm of beauty, so venturing into skincare was a seamless transition for us following our successful haircare brainchild. Our ideology is straightforward: to offer radical, honest and professional beauty products that both simplify and embellish your every day. With our driving force in makeup, we have studied over several decades the condition of skin and its many triggers, Lernberger says, continuing,

– We love simple but effective routines. The ”Scandinavian Beauty Routine” discipline is the key to make a difference.

How would you describe that routine?

– When you start the morning with the perfect grooming routine we believe that the day is easier to meet. Take care of yourself and your self-confidence will appear. Start in the shower using Gel cleanser, continue with your choice of serum and then Day cream and Eye cream. Same routine at night, but add some Face oil in your Night cream for an extra shot of moisture. Sleep is the time for reparation and restoring.

How will you tackle the great competition on the beauty market? What makes your line unique?

– We love our heritage of the Scandinavian lifestyle and our skincare is inspired by it. An uncomplicated routine using result-powered blends with fuss-free communication. Scandinavian beauty is grounded on equitable active ingredients generating present-time results. Substances used are organic, vegan, silicone-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and are not tested on animals. All this together with our experience as beauty artisans we believe this makes our result orientated brand unique. Simple and clean, yet elegant.

What are your future plans?

– Early spring -19, we are launching two peelings in our Skincare range; AHA/BHA Peel Gel Mask and Volcanic Rock Scrub. We are expanding to UK, the U.S., and Russia the coming spring, so we will be traveling a lot and talk about Scandinavian Beauty.

Nordic companies fighting against Black Friday: ”No other day ruins both the environment and the industry as much as today”

It’s that day of the year again. However, today many Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle companies launch their “anti-Black Friday” campaigns:

– No other day ruins both the environment and the industry as much as today, says Jens Olav Dankertsen, founder of Norwegian denim brand Livid, to tekstilforum. And, the fact that they’re introducing their new campaign Saved, where you get a €15 gift card when you leave your old pair of Livid jeans in any of their stores, is not a coincidence:

– We’ve worked on this concept [Saved] for quite some time and are very pleased to launch it right on this day, he says.

Sustainable Swedish menswear label Uniforms for the Dedicated use this weekend to create positive synergies. 20% of their revenues Thursday-Sunday will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup – the extensive nonprofit initiative to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, using driving systems to catch, for example, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within five years.

Bestis initiative is a cooperation between Norwegian outdoor company Bergans of Norway, Oslo fashion school Esmod, and the mobile marketplace for vintage fashion and interior Tise. Aiming to raise awareness about recycling and redesign, showing all the possibilities when different business players come together to share their knowledge. For the project, 60 Esmod design students have re-designed 250 used Bergans products – ranging all the way from hiking trousers to backpacks and tents – into 12 different fashion pieces. Today, November 23, they will be on display at Ingensteds in Oslo, and available for purchase through the Tise app.

In an open letter, published on their Instagram account, founder Mads Nørgaard declares that his eponymous clothing brand will close down their webshop today, just like they’ve done for the past two years, and instead do an inventory of it.

”In my eyes, Black Friday is shrill, and an event that takes the world in the wrong direction … we feel Black Friday is disrespectful to customers, clothes and nature” Nørgaard declares.

Stockholm-based online-only brand ASKET also shut down their webshop today, to call for their customers to take care of the pieces they already have, introducing their brand new clothing care guide. The website visitors will face this message:

Compared to only fifteen years ago, we buy twice as many garments but keep them only half as long. Instead of adding to these sad statistics through heavy discounts, designed to induce poor decision making and a false sense of need we’re closing down the shop for the day and redirecting to our brand-new garment care portal. Today, you can’t buy any new clothing from us, you can only learn how to care for and get the most out of what you already have.

– By extending the lifetime of your piece of clothing with 9 months, you reduce your environmental impact with one-third, says Co-founder Jakob Dworsky, continuing,

– In twenty years, we will look back at Black Friday in the same way as smoking – nobody can possibly claim that it’s not harmful.

Acne Studios celebrate Nordic hand-knit traditions

In homage to their Nordic roots and own knitwear collection, Acne Studios explores the craftsmanship and passion behind hand-knitting traditions across Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland in a new capsule. Some dating back hundreds of years, the knitwear patterns, colour work and use of local materials from these countries are distinct and of historical importance. To pay tribute to the generations keeping this timeless craft of knitting alive, Acne Studios have created handmade limited edition sweaters that not only elevate history, and tradition, but also express a contemporary outlook.

These handmade sweaters incorporate a patchwork of four different motifs, each swatch originally hand-knitted by an artisan from each country. As a result, woven into these sweaters are the unwritten traditions of Nordic hand-knitting, with each unique pattern recording the story of an artisan in their remote habitat and coexistence with nature, and they also feature a special woven label that combines the four countries’ flags into one.