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New Scandinavian buzz brand only release 12 styles and only 12 pieces of each style

Also more on Scandinavian rainwear hitting London, the Swedish duo adding a 90’s rave culture inspiration to Ace & Tate and Mads Nørgaard’s busy April.


12 styles – and only 12 pieces of each style

The new Danish high-end streetwear lifestyle brand Twelvepieces is focusing on a three-way construction, says co-founder Amir Hassan.

Exclusive and limited collections:

– Our exclusive capsule collections are built upon storytelling with new takes on iconic silhouettes with a street and minimalistic approach. Our second and current collection “Roots” is about staying true to your heritage and embracing cultural diversity. They are produced as very limited goods: 12 styles and only 12 pieces of each style – every piece numbered from 1/12 to 12/12, released once a year through our website. We use the capsule collections to strengthen our branding profile and the DNA of our brand by creating graphic and bold designs that underline the values and visions behind Twelvepieces.

The essentials line:

– It is currently being designed and ready to launch from January 2019. All styles follow the design DNA from our limited collections, but they are not numbered and not as expensive as our limited collections. Furthermore the essentials line can be produced in unlimited quantity. We use our essentials line to approach the retail market. Our exclusive collections are not ideal for retail stores due to high production prices and low quantity. This is our way of staying true to our heritage and at the same time set the frames for future expansion of Twelvepieces.


– We strongly belive that collaborations with other brands and products are the key to success in the future of fashion. The main advantage of doing collabs is that we stay relevant to the current hype-trend with new and alternative products dropping various time throughout the year.

Tell us about the current collection.

– “Roots” is the story of where I come from – Cairo, Egypt. It will still have the Arabic calligraphy with words like freedom and brotherhood but unlike the rebellious values from the first one, “The Spring”, this collection will also represent a more peaceful and beautiful side of Egypt, mainly inspired by my childhood. I think it is very important to represent and showcase both sides of Egypt. Though the country has been suffering from various dictators and corrupt politicians for years, I think it is important to stay positive and showcase Egypt and our culture on a larger scale than just my 23 years in this world. For me, the pyramids, camelbacks, and hieroglyphs are among the things I find beautiful and inspiring. Not only does it represent a time when Egypt was a frontier for what would be a modern society, it also helps me visualize the culture and tell the story about Egypt, and – of course – my Roots. My best picks in it are our own cotton striped fabric and the Bulletbag.

How’s the business going?

– Very well at the moment. We’ve been selling our collection online with a successful start: our first collection sold out online. It was mainly distributed outside of Denmark to all over Europe, the U.S., and Japan. We just opened up for retail accounts after our attendance to the CIFF trade fair in Copenhagen this winter. We did close five deals with stores in New York, Tokyo, Denmark, and Singapore, and the retail market is still new for us.

And now you open your own pop-up stores?

– Yes, we had our first pop-up in Tokyo with our retailer Uggla Store and together we launch a new one in London today, which is open until Sunday. For these pop-ups, we did make a special collection for Uggla store, which contains very limited and exclusive pieces only available in store. Apart from that, it’s a very exciting year for us as we are working on a lot of creative projects, including our essential line. There are some great collabs coming this year and I can’t wait to show the world what it is.

Rains enters London

Founded in Aarhus 2012 based on an early initiative to interpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, Rains have grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand. Today, the Danes offer a full line of waterproof outerwear, bags, and accessories to the fashion conscious consumer. Shortly after their Vans collab was launched, the other week marked the opening of their new outlet in the British capital. The eighth concept store is located at 194 Upper Street in the London borough of Islington, joining a neighbourhood full of thriving boutique culture and presenting the brand’s Scandinavian mood in a bright, minimal atmosphere.

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Ace & Tate + CMMN SWDN

Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate release a two-part unisex sunglasses collaboration with London-based menswear label CMMN SWDN. Three acetate and three metal frames are drawing inspiration from the Swedish brand’s continued exploration of urban youth subculture and the complexities of coming of age, as well as Ace & Tate’s clean and minimalist aesthetic. It harks back to 90’s rave culture and shows a renewed interest in Sci-fi minimalism which has made a sudden resurgence in the fashion world. And so, each purchase comes with a complementary sportswear inspired bum bag case.

– The glasses are extending upon the theme of our recent collection of retro-futurism. The slimly proportioned sunglasses hint at sci-fi movies of the past but are designed for now, says CMMN SWDN founders Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir.

Drops on, selected Ace & Tate stores in Europe and retailers such as Ssense, United Arrows, and miksajo this Thursday

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Mads Nørgaard’s busy April

Only little over a week after their unique clothing collab with fellow Danes Randy, Danish Mads Nørgaard join forces with Superga to release another one. Superga X MN 2750 is a unisex canvas shoe where a tomato-red sole and stripes on the heel and the tips of the laces is added to one of the world’s most iconic sneakers.

Available on