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New premium socksss brand drops curated collections with solid colours as a base

”The brand is going to be a constant living organism with no strict rules of doing things.”

Words: Johan Magnusson

”I wouldn’t say the world needs another socks brand or any brand for that matter. What we need are quality products that last longer and add something new and sensible to an existing marketplace. A brand that thinks about why it exists and causes as little environmental impact as possible while trying to make a living.”

The words belongs to Sean Fry, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where he grew up in the surf and skateboard community.

— It was here that my attraction and curiosity surrounding the narrative of subcultures grew. This has had a big influence on me personally, but also on my understanding of the retail market, seen through the ever-selective nature of the skate consumer, he says.

After a few years in London, he ultimately settled in Stockholm, where he’s spent the last ten years working with retail and operations.

— I’ve gone from pitching skate brands, such as Palace and HOPPS, to stores in Scandinavia — directly from my backpack — to running my own online store, to working within a Scandinavian distribution company. You might say I’ve gone full circle, and I’m excited to take all these experiences in this new project.

He’s Co-founder of new concept SOCKSSS, together with director, designer and music producer Oscar Lund-Hansen, who runs Stockholm-based production company Swim Club.

— Swim Club will be a crucial and big part of SOCKSSS going forward. I’d say SOCKSSS is like an extension of Swim Club and for us it’s a creative platform where we can express ourselves even further, play around and just do weird shit, says Lund-Hansen.

What’s the background of starting a new brand?

Sean – A mix of things, but Oscar had come up with the idea while looking for a new platform to express himself creatively outside of Swim Club. With Oscar’s grandfather being a Danish architect and mine a Royal Naval officer he basically designs the ship and I sail it. We both wanted to develop a brand that was fun, transparent and honest, which you’ll see through the design and communication to materials and packaging we’ve chosen to use. With production, we decided to go with a family run company based out of Portugal using organic cotton and we will also produce limited collections from Japan.

Oscar – The brand is going to be a constant living organism with no strict rules of doing things. We want it to be a platform where we can experiment with different concepts and at the same time explore the world we’re creating. Currently we’re working on curated collections with colours as a base. We’ve created an amazing product with our production partners which we in the beginning want to be easily accessible. That’s why we think solid colours are a perfect introduction until we’re ready to weird it out with external collaborators and patterns.

How do you work with sustainability?

Sean – As a start-up, we’re doing what we can with what we have to make the product as sustainable as possible. Our production is in Portugal with a family run factory that has ethical work practices to the material we use being organic cotton and our premium packaging is made using recycled paper here in Sweden. Even though this costs us more we decided from day one to take this approach and do it right. We have some pretty high goals regarding sustainability throughout the supply chain and I’m researching them daily. We’ve taken thoughtful consideration by offering something more in terms of quality, style and overall design compared to what is currently out there. I believe our customer is someone who is conscious and takes a thoughtful approach to purchasing products and I want them to enjoy the feel and quality from the moment they put on a pair of SOCKSSS. I think we’ve achieved this and only want to better the brand moving forward by consistently improving our product offering.

You’re quite picky with your retailers.

Sean — Yes we are selective but I want the brand to be like a small luxury that is accessible at the same time. So, if you’re a retailer with a creative approach, and have something to say and communicate to the outside world, I think SOCKSSS is a brand that can add to your offering in store and online with a lot of strong content to support that overall customer experience.

How will you proceed now after the launch?

Sean — Hopefully people want to buy into our brand and we’ll take it step by step from there. I’m looking forward to feedback and how we can constantly evolve and keep everyone engaged. With fashion being such a fast-paced industry, it’s important to show the world that you can slow down and build beautiful things that people appreciate without binging out a new style every week. Oscar is working on some really strong designs and we wanted to be a global brand from day one, so that thinking is in everything we do. With that said, local community is really important to us and we’ll have a launch party towards the end of October here in Stockholm. We all like to party so this should be a good time out, and all are welcome!

Oscar - We’ve already scheduled two new shoots and one film production for the next coming weeks so we’re going to keep the momentum going. New pattern designs are also on their way from Japan, which we’re super excited about. Collabs are something we’re looking into, but for now we’re focusing on creating our own world before we go and distort theirs.