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New innovation disinfecting door handles in a few seconds receives requests from all over the world

Everything began when founder and pediatric surgeon Claude Kollin stood in an operating room and realized that the door handle that he had just touched wasn’t disinfected.


Scientific studies have shown that bacteria and viruses survive significantly longer on hard surfaces compared to the skin, which contributes to the spread and people becoming sick. Door handles are particularly exposed because of the large amount of people who touch rarely disinfected door handles.

Swedish innovation Clean Handle distributes an antibacterial spray on the door handle only 10 seconds after it has been touched. The minimalistic anodized aluminium design is patented and multifunctional, to fit different types of door handles. With smart distribution of the disinfecting solution, the product can reduce the spread of illnesses in any environment, killing up to 90% of the bacteria.

— We are so proud to have developed such a relevant product. In a tremendously short time we have received requests from all over the world, and have for example installed Clean Handle in the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm, says founder Kollin.

clean-handle-door-handle-claudie-kollin clean-handle-claudie-kollin-door-handle

The only things needed are 4 AA-batteries and an aerosol capsule with the disinfecting solution. The back is equipped with self-adhering pads that simplifies the installation and can be removed without leaving any marks. It even has an LED-indicator that shows how much that is left in the capsule and signals when it has run out.

clean-handle-claudie-kollinClaude Kollin