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New bag line reaches out to all of us having a focus on movement in an active and social life

”Today, society is constructed upon a belief or pattern of consuming something without truly knowing the essence of the object.”

Words: Johan Magnusson

Stockholm-based Straight Design Studio mainly works with interior design and everything from the small every day object to bigger architectural projects.

— Today, society is constructed upon a belief or pattern of consuming something without truly knowing the essence of the object, says founder Viktor Erlandsson. And we often tend to forget to ask ourselves: why do we desire, what is so special with this object and its history? In which way does it speak out to us, and what is its message? These questions are complicated because we supposedly don’t know the answers to them. We’re generally used to people giving us the right answers: What to appreciate, adore, wish for, even consume for our own homes. And we’re not even told to reflect upon why is this, though we’ve created this superfluous community build on otiose layers and the idea that everything is replaceable or existing without a purpose. Still: we’re desperately trying to peel these layers to find something pure and lasting underneath it all. Something that is true and meaningful. Beauty and meaning consist often of what we consider as pure. In the authentic, simple, unique and organic forms. We can find courage in the naked and natural state when everything nonessential is peeled off. These are ambitions and beliefs we seek to work towards and achieve. This is a gesture we found important in our posture towards design and sustainability. You can have a product which is aesthetically appealing, but if the object also has an essence, its own history, you’ll give the product a spirit which makes it come to life. You’ll fall in love with it. Something you truly desire and love will never be replaceable or go out of style. You’ll keep it and cherish it independently of the latest trends and mass produced items featured in fashionable magazines.

Earlier this year they launched a series of tableware called Krås for Swedish retailer and producer Designtorget, as the first external designer for their own production. The latest launch in their ongoing work for Swedish design producer Klong is the small vase Orbis, made to benefit the smallest flowers. And Format is a new design collaboration with interior brand Ceannis, in conjunction with the latter’s 30th anniversary, with the goal to combine the two companies’ competencies to create something new and interesting to reach a new target group.

— What we have perhaps most enjoyed during this 30-year-journey is meeting so many interesting and inspiring people. This we celebrate with a series of cooperations with people and companies from some of those meetings throughout the year and this with Straight Design is one of them. We met by chance a couple of years ago and now we have a result that we are both very happy about, says founder Ann-Louise Andrén.

— Ceannis’ solid expertise as a manufacturer of bags and accessories combined with our desire for innovation and creating concepts became a hit, says Erlandsson. The collaboration resulted in a new collection and a new sub-brand that differ from their other collection. The first pieces in the collection are three bags with three different uses. The various models are based on different types of use, one for the small things that always need to follow, one for the large portfolio and one for the computer. All of them with a focus on movement in an active and social life.


What’s next for you?

— We have just presented our news for AW19 and are busy working on SS20 so it is a continuous process. We’ve also cooperated with Copperhill Hotel in Åre and made cushion covers with the artist Ylva Skarp. In parallel, we also work with new collaborations that will result in new releases in the year to come. It has been so fun and rewarding to work in this way and we hope to continue with similar projects in the future, says Andrén.

— Next will be a series of furniture. We have worked very close to the material with simple geometric shapes to find a dainty balance between function and material. The collection will be launched in conjunction with Stockholm Design Week by the very interesting manufacturer Kullaro. At the same time we will also, together with (colour expert) Sara Garanty, launch a mix between a study of color science and graphic design, applied environmentally friendly to consumer products, says Erlandsson.