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”Moody, mysterious, and yet unmistakably Scandinavian, our works are as enigmatic as the Nordic spirit itself”

Furniture and design company Northern’s CEO and designer Ove Rogne about challenging the status quo.

Words: Johan Magnusson

Based in Oslo, Rogne tells how Northern is guided by a fresh approach to Scandinavian design. The brand stands for bold forms, new interpretations of classic ones and updates on everyday favourites with swanky new shapes.

— We combine contemporary sensibilities with a feel for subdued elegance, adding a touch of understated luxury to the furniture and interior accessories we make. Moody, mysterious, and yet unmistakably Scandinavian, our works are as enigmatic as the Nordic spirit itself, he says.

Which new product launches have been your most important for this season?

— Mim and Cane, because they are objects that belong to a product category we did not have before. As the drive to get ”back to basics” began to take hold, we thought about the importance of the everyday household utensils hidden away in cupboards. Wouldn’t life be easier if we could keep them at hand and let them enhance everyday décor? Our new collection of brooms, dustpans and brushes we feel does just that. We’re leaving them out for everyone to see, letting the brooms add beauty to the home while saving energy and storage space, says Rogne. He continues:

— We also did some rethinking, renewing some of our more classic lighting designs such as the Dokka lamp from 1954 in a new updated color palette. In an exciting phase of continuous growth, launching more news than ever, we think it’s important not to forget about our old-timers. We need to bring these treasures with us into unfamiliar landscapes and renew them, to make sure they blend in with our newly acquired surroundings. With this in mind, we made some of our classics grow into an improved and more versatile edition of themselves.

Mim black sweep outside-Northern-Photo Chris Tonnesen High-res Mim.

Cane group all-colours-Northern-Photo Chris Tonnesen High-res Cane.

A new year is coming. What will we see from Northern in 2020?

— Next year, Northern is celebrating 15 years of design history since we started back in the days as Northern Lighting. So our master plan for the year ahead is to use past experiences and current trends to create the objects that may be useful for future ways of living. In January we’re launching a special collection of objects we believe have the potential to last in both condition and character, so they can continue to make an impression for many more years to come. So keep your eyes open and follow the launches as they come! says Rogne, adding,

— We promise we will never stop surprising and always push ourselves to create beautiful, functional and unexpected objects.