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Major player launching online universe and time for the leading showcase of Nordic contemporary art

Also more on tomorrow's performance in Copenhagen to raise awareness of the overproduction and our overconsumption.

Major Scandinavian player finally launching online universe

With a vision to improve the direct relations with its customers as well as strengthen its online presence, Danish fashion house SAND Copenhagen launches a new online platform with their first ever webshop.

– Throughout a longer period of time, we have experienced a growing national and international demand for a webshop as well as an online platform, where our customers are able to engage directly with our brand. We are now ready to launch this new online platform, which we are very excited to show you, explains owner and CEO Søren Sand.

In addition, the website will premiere the new Fall/Winter 2018 campaign video. Filmed and directed by the young talents from Blonde Media and starring a cool cast of models, which among others feature Alain Delon Jr., son of the prominent French actor Alain Delon.

Time for the leading showcase of Nordic contemporary art

Today marks the first day of CHART art fair at Kunsthal Charlottenborg & Den Frie in Copenhagen. Featuring 44 galleries from all Nordic countries and an extensive, free, public programme, it will present artworks and collectible design in unison that ranging from modern masterpieces to the latest contemporary projects by established and emerging artists.

Notable presentations include:

Finnish Galleria Heino: A new exhibitor, who will present new works by Finland's acclaimed photographer and video artist Elina Brotherus. Swedish Galleri Magnus Karlsson: Presenting new works on paper by Peter Köhler, made specifically for this year's edition. Swedish Andersson/Sandström: Will exhibit large-scale works by Turner Prize-winning British sculptor, Tony Cragg. Highlights at the CHART DESIGN fair at Den Frie, where 12 of the leading Nordic design galleries – ranging from established, specialised galleries to experimental newcomers from the Nordic region – will exhibit collectively in the historic setting:

Danish Adorno: Showing new commissioned works by designers from all Nordic countries. Norwegian Galleri Format Oslo: Presenting new works by Aurora Passero amongst others. Finnish Lokal: Exhibiting a presentation curated in collaboration with designer and interior architect Hanni Koroma showing mostly new works made specifically for CHART. Photography: Joakim Züger

Performance to raise awareness of the overproduction and our overconsumption

We know that overconsumption of clothing and mass production in the textile industry has serious consequences on the environment. But what can we do about it? This is what Danish clothing brand sur le chemin along with ART 2030 and artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen examines in a performance at the backyard of SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen) tomorrow, September 1.

The performance Tow with the Flow circulates thematically about the western world's overconsumption and the many layers of production that precedes our clothes. It is related to the UN's World Goal by focusing on sustainable consumption and investigating whether we can live with a single garment.

– The project with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and ART 2030 comment directly on overproduction and the overconsumption we have, especially in the Western world. Clothes and personal identity are closely linked. But much of the personal story we've had through clothes has today been replaced by mass production and overconsumption. Hopefully, the performance will create an awareness and change in the viewer's attitude towards clothing and consumption in general, says Kjetil Aas, designer at sur le chemin.

The brand, who won the New Talent Scene award at Copenhagen Fashion Week earlier this year, is a sustainable design studio that deals with "slow fashion". By making non-seasonal collections with focus on slowness they aim to contribute to less overproduction and less consumption.

For the performance, they've created 17 custom-made customes locally produced in Denmark, all designed as a multifunctional "all-in-one wardrobe" that contains many sets of recycled clothing which can be transformed into a simple single tent, a large pillow or blanket.

The viewing of the performance Tow with the Flow is free and takes place in the Østre Anlæg park in Copenhagen tomorrow Saturday 2 to 3 PM.

Photography: LEES Foto

Immensely influential fashion illustrator and expressionist in one combined exhibition

In the 90s, Liselotte Watkins was an extremely influential fashion illustrator, both in Sweden and on the international scene. Since then, through her geometrically constructed paintings and her playful use of colour, Watkins has come into her own as a tremendously productive generator of peculiar worlds and imagery. The common thread here is women and the worlds they inhabit. These were also significant themes for expressionist Sigrid Hjertén.

When Stockholm art gallery CFHILL open their doors for the season today, works from these two are combined in one presentation, where none of Hjertén's selected works have been shown publicly for at least 10 years, and all date back to the 1910s to 30s (the period when the influence from Matisse was at its strongest).